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Best Places To Mount A Eufy Floodlight Camera?

Last Updated Jul 7, 2022

When you get a home security camera setup, you want to find the maximum viewing area for the least amount of cameras and money spent. It is easy to cover large areas with dozens of cameras, but storage space can become an issue. You won’t need a large setup for full coverage with proper camera installation and mounting.

The best place to mount a Eufy Floodlight Camera is around 9 to 10 feet above the ground, with no more than a 30° downtilt to your camera, with a wide view of the desired surveillance area. Some usual places include the front and back doors and front and back yards.

The main thing to remember when installing Eufy Floodlight Cameras is to try and get as much coverage as possible. The Eufy Floodlight Camera has 130 degrees of coverage. That may seem like a lot, but if you try to cover large areas with just one camera, you will run into blind spots. The last thing you want is holes in your security perimeter due to poor mounting.

Mount the Eufy Floodlight Camera At the Correct Height

The optimal height for installing and mounting the Eufy Floodlight Camera is roughly 9 feet above the ground. At this height, the motion sensor has the best view of the camera’s surveillance area and can operate at maximum efficiency and viewing angle. Any higher or lower, you start to lose the functionality of some of the camera’s features.

The correct height of 9 feet or roughly 3 meters will achieve the optimum results when operating the Eufy Floodlight Camera. The light will cover the widest area possible. The camera and motion sensor operate best at this height.

It is possible to get a larger view of the area by mounting the Eufy Floodlight Camera unit higher, but that benefit comes with some caveats and some loss of features. By increasing the camera’s viewing area, you are losing out on the optimal viewing area of the motion-sensing capabilities of the camera system. 

If you have a Eufy video doorbell, you’ll have to take different recommendations for mounting it.

Mount the Eufy Floodlight Camera at the Correct Angle

Another factor to take into consideration is the downtilt angle of the camera itself. The downtilt angle is the angle of the camera in relation to the level ground beneath the camera. Eufy suggests a downtilt angle no greater than 30 degrees. Any greater or lesser angle will cause the effective viewing angle and range of the camera to be severely decreased.

The viewing angle and motion-sensing capabilities of the Eufy Floodlight Camera are dependent on proper viewing angles and lighting. If the camera is angled in the wrong direction or too far in an up or down orientation, then the motion-sensing might not be picking up everything in the full 130-degree field of view the Eufy Floodlight Camera is capable of viewing.

Common Places Around Your Home To Mount a Eufy Floodlight Camera

There are many places where people choose to mount internet-enabled security cameras. Most people using the Eufy Floodlight Camera will mount them outdoors due to the 2500 lumens of light from the floodlights attached to the Eufy Floodlight Camera unit. That is generally much more light than is necessary inside of a residence. 

Some of the most common places that people have placed their Eufy Floodlight Cameras are:

  • Above their front door facing outward – A common placement for the Eufy Floodlight Camera is the front door as it lets the user see who is coming to the front door and gives plenty of light to ward off any unwanted intruders.
  • Above the back door facing outward – For the same reasons, the back door is another favorite spot. Though fewer unknown people are likely to come to your back door than your front door, it is a more likely entry point for unwanted intruders.
  • Under an eave at the corner of the house facing the street or front yard – Another popular spot is at the corner of the house under one of the eaves facing the front yard or the street. The owner often parks their vehicles in a driveway or a garage. This way, surveillance, and bright light are on the home’s vehicles.
  • Any ground-level entry point – the most common places after the front door, back door, and where the vehicles are parked in any ground-level entry point. Something like a side door, a garage entryway, or any point of ingress into the building should be monitored to be certain only those using that entryway are using that entryway.


With proper mounting and installation of your Eufy Floodlight Cameras, you will get a wide amount of coverage with a minimal number of cameras. The cameras’ light should be more than enough to ward off all but the most stubborn intruder. Make sure they are mounted in a good location and at the proper height and angle, and you can’t go wrong.