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Best External Speakers for a Samsung TV

Last Updated Dec 5, 2021
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It’s movie night and everything is finally working.  No more crackling, beeping or buzzing sounds.  The sound is so clear and as crisp as it’s ever been.  After months of trying different speakers you’ve finally found the right one, what a relief!  If only you could’ve hurried the process and found a solution quicker.

It’s important to know a few things before beginning the search for the right external speakers.  The first and probably most important is your budget.  External speakers can range from under one hundred dollars to over one thousand dollars.  It’s important to know what you’re willing to spend on your speakers.

The Polk Audio T15 Speaker

This external speaker set  is a bookshelf speaker.  Bookshelf speakers are not the best for a Samsung TV.   They can sometimes be a compliment to a home theatre system but not without first being hooked up to a stereo system, receiver, etc… Although the setup is possible with special cords, it can be rather complicated.

Most Samsung TV’s connect to their external speakers or soundbars via Bluetooth or HDMI.  It should be noted that speakers without Bluetooth or HDMI capability might not be designed to work best with a Samsung TV.

Do Outdoor Speakers Work With A Samsung TV?

Let’s be honest.  Sometimes, we think that we can kill two birds with one stone, but in this case we can’t.  Doubling an outdoor speaker as an indoor speaker is a bad idea.  Outdoor speakers are designed for the outdoors and are usually stand alone speakers not specially designed to work with televisions.  They lack the ability for surround sound and special audio features.

The only way an outdoor speaker would work well with your television is if it were specifically designed for an outdoor TV.  If you had no other option and needed to use an outdoor speaker indoors then the Roam by Sonos would work.  It has a midwoofer, tweeter, and two amplifiers to help create a nice clear sound for your TV.

The Roam is far from a home theatre system.  However, it might give your Samsung TV the little enhancement that you need.  You might even need two of these speakers for a better sound effect.  This is why a soundbar is recommended for a Samsung TV.  Samsung has soundbars that are specifically designed for their TV’s.

The Samsung Q Series Soundbar

Equipped with Dolby Atmos technology for an exceptional sound experience, the Q series soundbar is the perfect choice for a Samsung TV.  These soundbars are the priciest of all but are worth it.  There are currently seven different models which range in price from $450 to $1700.  The channels on these soundbars range from 3.1.2 to 11.1.4.

The Samsung S Series Soundbar

For a more affordable sound the S Series Soundbar is the way to go.  Currently with three different models ranging from $180 to $330, this series, unlike the Q series, is a little more budget friendly.  These soundbars also have channel options that range from two to five.  

One really cool feature of the S Series is that one of the models has Amazon Alexa’s voice capability built-in.

The Samsung A Series Soundbar

The A Series currently has three different models that range in price from $200 to $300.  DTS Virtual: X technology is available with two models from this series. The DTS Virtual: X technology allows for a theatre experience similar to that of a movie theatre.  It also has 2.1 to 3.1 channel options.

The Terrace Outdoor Soundbar

For an outdoor Samsung TV, the Terrace Outdoor Soundbar is the best choice.  It is designed for use with the Samsung Terrace Outdoor series of televisions.  It comes equipped with  Dolby sound technology and has 5.1 channels.

What Size Room is Best for My Samsung TV External Speakers?

Get out the tape measurer! A tape measure is one of the tools that you may need in selecting the right external speakers. Use the tape measure to find the square footage of your room where your speakers will be. Every speaker is designed for a certain sized space and this will help you match up your speaker specifications with your room size.

One of the worst things you can do is buy a small speaker for a large room or a large speaker for a small room. This is why it would be helpful to know the size of your room, knowing this will help you pick the right size speakers.  

Are My External Speakers The Right Size for My Samsung TV?

Similar to picking the right external speakers for your room size, it is important to pick the right size external speakers for your TV. Due to their ability to generate louder audio, larger TVs require larger speaker and sound capacity, whereas a smaller TV would require less sound capacity and a smaller speaker.

External speakers come in different sizes.  If choosing a soundbar as an external speaker, a good rule of thumb is to pick the soundbar with similar dimensions to your TV.

What Size is My Samsung TV?

Samsung TV’s come in different sizes so it’s important to know what size television you will use with the external speakers.  Some TV speakers work better when they match up with the dimensions of the TV.  This is because of the location of the original speakers on the television.  

Keeping the external speakers aligned with the original TV speakers keeps the sound balanced with the TV and creates an equilibrium sound effect providing sound throughout the room.

If you would like to learn more about your Samsung TV, take a look at this article.

What Accessories Can I Add to My Samsung Soundbar?

A wireless rear speaker kit is a great addition to a Samsung Soundbar. Samsung sells this on their website.  They range in price from $130 to $300.  

Due to sound coming from the front and rear of your room, these rear speakers along with your soundbar give your home theatre system a surround sound effect; it almost feels as though you’re in a movie theatre.

It’s Movie Time!

Now that you have a better idea of which external speakers work best for your Samsung TV, you can choose your favorite TV show or movie to watch with your family and friends.  Open up the popcorn, pull out the candy, and put your cell phones away; the movie is about to begin!