Best Ecobee Sensor Placement

ecobee sensor on a shelf inside bedroom.ecobee sensor on a shelf inside bedroom.

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Ecobee is possibly the best smart home thermostat brand on the market, similar competitors in the dust. Equipped with temperature sensors with numerous features, Ecobee allows you to monitor and control the temperature of any room in your home. No matter which room or rooms you chose, you can detect and set the preferred temperature for the given area you wish to heat or cool; this is all possible with the right Ecobee sensor placement.

It is recommended that you place your Ecobee sensors in rooms that need the most temperature regulation, such as the areas you frequent. The sensors detect the temperature in the room they are placed in and report back to the thermostat to best match air output from the A/C or heater.

With the capability to sense and change the temperature in any given room, there is a lot of ways you can use Ecobee’s sensors. As long as the sensors are placed in the thermostat’s range and remain connected, you can get as creative as you want. Below, we’ll list some of the best areas to place your sensors and some of the great features they offer.

Where Should You Place Ecobee Sensors?

The Ecobee thermostat sensors act as an extension of your thermostat by reporting detailed temperature readings and room occupancy measures back to the central unit.

Depending on the size and airflow in your home, there may be spots that simply don’t receive as much heating or cooling as other rooms in the house. Using these sensors, you will be able to have a more accurate temperature reading. You can also have the thermostat turn on or off based on a single room temperature, depending on your comfort needs.

Some of the best rooms to place your sensor are:

  • Living Room: If you’re like us and spend most of your time in the living room, having the optimal temperature while gaming or watching TV is a complete luxury. Living rooms tend to get warm fast as there are generally gatherings of people or electronics giving off heat during use. The Ecobee sensor can determine a temperature spike and cool accordingly.
  • Nursery: Having a baby in a room away from you can be stressful enough, especially if that room doesn’t have the most stable temperature. With the Ecobee sensors, you can check the nursery’s temperature from the app or any integrated smart device, all without having to move.
  • Kitchen: Cooking up a storm and feel like the oven is blowing off some serious heat? The Ecobee sensor can kick the thermostat on as soon as the temperature rises or falls below the threshold you have set. We especially love this feature as our kitchens get warm fast when we use multiple appliances. The sensor can also control the fan setting so you can get some airflow without running your A/C unit.
  • Bedroom: As we all know, there is nothing worse than having to wake up and walk to the thermostat on a cold morning. With the Ecobee sensors, you can set your bedroom to a warmer setting than the rest of the house, helping you (maybe) get out of bed a little bit easier.

No matter which room you decide to place your sensor in, there are numerous advantages to be had. With compatibility for up to 32 sensors, you can have complete comfort in any room that you want.

Ecobee Sensor Features

Tired of having to worry about turning the air off when you left for work? Ecobee sensors and thermostats are connected to your smartphone and have a smart Home and Away feature that detects when you have left the house.

The temperature will immediately change to your set temperature preference when your smartphone is no longer at your residence. And, when you’re getting close to home, the A/C or heat will immediately kick back on, allowing you to walk right into a comfortable environment.

When you’re home, the Follow Me feature will automatically detect which rooms are being occupied and automatically switch to the appropriate room sensor. This feature is nifty as it eliminates the need to pull out your app and switch between different sensors. It’s also a great example of just how eco-friendly the Ecobee smart thermostat is.

While not having to think about where in your home you’d want the most comfort, you also can feel good about saving energy that would otherwise be wasted.

Final Thoughts

No matter which room you end up placing your sensor or multiple sensors, you will be able to check and change the room temperature with ease with the Ecobee thermostat. Placing sensors in the rooms you frequent the most or in areas of the house that commonly differ in temperature will help you make the most out of your Ecobee setup.

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