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Baby First: What Channel is It on Each Cable Provider?

Last Updated Oct 11, 2022
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Many parents prefer to limit their young children’s screen time. When they allow them to watch something, they want the content their children are exposed to be of high quality and beneficial to their development. A great channel for this is Baby First, but what channel can you find this network on?

Some cable providers air Baby First on the same channel across the country, while others vary their channel lineup based on location. For example, DirectTV airs Baby First on channel 293, and AT&T U-Verse airs it on channel 310. For other providers, Baby First’s channel number varies by location. 

Below, we’ll discuss more information on where you can watch Baby First with different cable providers. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

Baby First: What Channel is It on Each Cable Provider? 

Baby First is a great channel for little children and babies. 

It offers incredible educational content focusing on early childhood development, making this unique channel a great tool for parents. 

This channel is available on many cable providers, including: 

  • DirectTV 
  • Xfinity 
  • Spectrum 
  • AT&T U-Verse

These cable providers have different channels where you can find the Baby First network. Below, we’ll discuss where to look, depending on your provider. 

Which Channel is Baby First on DirectTV? 

DirectTV originally offered Baby First only as an extra channel.

This means customers had to request that the channel be added to their lineup and pay an additional fee to do so. 

Now, you can watch Baby First on all DirecTV packages. These include:

  • Entertainment 
  • Choice 
  • Ultimate 
  • Premier 

Whichever DirecTV cable package you subscribe to, you can find Baby First on channel 293. 

Which Channel is Baby First on Xfinity? 

Comcast Xfinity offers Baby Fist to help you give your children the edutainment experience they deserve. 

We all enjoy watching television, and the littlest members of our family deserve the same thing. 

For this reason, Xfinity gives customers access to Baby First on their Premier and Preferred/Ultimate TV packages. 

Sadly, this channel is not available on any other packages.

If you feel this channel is too important to miss, consider switching to a plan that includes it in its lineup. 

You can watch Baby First with your supported Xfinity package on channel 293. Unlike many of the channels Xfinity offers, Baby First is on the same station, no matter where you live. 

Which Channel is Baby First on Spectrum? 

Baby First is available to Spectrum TV subscribers, but only on select packages.

You can find Baby First in your channel lineup if you subscribe to Spectrum’s Silver or Gold packages. 

If you want to expand your child’s entertainment possibilities even more, they also offer Baby TV. 

If you’re a Spectrum TV subscriber, you can generally find Baby First in standard definition on channel 109 or high definition on channel 256. However, some areas of the country may air this network on different stations.

If you are one of the few areas that have Baby First on a different channel, visit the Baby First website to find your local channel.

Enter your zip code and TV provider, then they will give you all the details on where you can find Baby First on your television. 

Which Channel is Baby First on AT&T U-Verse? 

AT&T U-Verse has gone even further than other television providers with their partnership with Baby First. 

They offer this channel on all of their packages, including:

  • Entertainment
  • Choice
  • Ultimate

This makes it easy for children to find quality edutainment. 

U-Verse has also launched an application where children can get even more educational activities, combined with their favorite characters from shows on the Baby First channel. 

This gives kids the opportunity to play and learn even more when they aren’t watching television.

It also gives parents an educational alternative to traditional toys and games. 

The Baby First application includes all the network’s most famous characters and stories, keeping children entertained and mentally stimulated at the same time.

AT&T U-Verse gives their subscribers the option to not only watch Baby First in English, but in Spanish as well.

This allows Spanish-speaking children to have the chance to watch their favorite shows in their first language.

It also gives English-speaking children the opportunity to learn Spanish while they are being entertained. 

If you subscribe to AT&T U-Verse TV, you can find the English language network on channel 310 and the Spanish language network on channel 3063. 

Watching Baby First on Various Cable Providers 

Baby First is a great channel for babies and young children. 

Baby First provides hours of entertaining and educational content, helping parents develop their children’s skills. 

Not only is Baby First loved by children, but the channel is trusted among parents. 

It allows you to give your little ones some guilt-free screen time, which is why many cable service providers offer the channel at no additional cost.

Some providers air Baby First on the same channel across the country, while others vary the station by location.

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