Arlo Video Doorbell Will Not Chime (How To Fix The Issue)

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The Arlo video doorbell is a much more comforting doorbell than one that just chimes when someone arrives at your house. It provides extra security with video recording, night vision, and motion detection, so you don’t always need to wait for someone to press a button to trigger the chime or alert your phone.

The Arlo video doorbell also offers a fuller view of who is at your door than many other video doorbells. One slight downfall to the Arlo video doorbell is that it will sometimes not chime and alert you that someone is at your door. While this may seem like a nuisance, there are several easy fixes to whichever reason is causing your Arlo video doorbell to not chime.

Why Won’t My Arlo Video Doorbell Chime?

Having a reliable video doorbell is essential to home security. The Arlo video doorbell is one of the most reliable and preferred on the market. It is sold at a competitive price, offering better than what some of the competition has. As with most forms of technology, wired and wireless, the Arlo video doorbell can have some glitches. A common one is the chime not going off.

Some of the most common reasons the Arlo video doorbell chime won’t sound are:

  • Incorrect installation
  • The doorbell’s temperature is too high
  • Wrong settings in the Arlo App
  • Incompatible chime box

Ways to Fix the Arlo Video Doorbell Chime Function

The way you fix your Arlo video doorbell will depend on what is causing the issue. There are many simple fixes that you can do yourself without having to send the product back to the manufacturer or contacting technical support.

Incorrect Installation

When you have the wired Arlo video doorbell, it must be connected to an existing doorbell. Think of it as replacing your old doorbell with an Arlo video doorbell. There are several ways that it could be installed incorrectly.

Incorrectly Wired Power Kit

The power kit is essential to an Arlo video doorbell’s function. If the power kit is installed incorrectly, some functions of the Arlo video doorbell won’t work correctly, one of them including the chime.

To correctly wire the power kit, follow these steps:

  1. Find your existing chime box, which should be installed on a wall near your doorbell.
  2. Turn off the power to the area at the breaker.
  3. Remove the cover to the chime box and attach the appropriate wires. You will need the Arlo App open to help with these instructions.
  4. Place the power kit in the chime box, and the installation is now finished.

The Arlo Video Doorbell is Powered Down

Another common issue with the Arlo video doorbell not chiming is if the video doorbell itself is powered down. This could happen if:

  • Your house doesn’t have power
  • A fuse blew to the location where your doorbell is installed
  • Using an incorrect voltage to power the video doorbell (should be 16-24V AC)

Wrong Settings in the Arlo App

Sometimes the settings in the Arlo App can affect whether or not your Arlo video doorbell will chime. 

One setting to look at is the “Traditional Chime” setting. You should make sure this is set to “none” in your app. You open up the device settings and select the device you want to check the chime on to get to these settings. Here you will find the “Traditional Chime” setting and select “none.” You can also change the chime triggers here as well.

Another setting to look at is if your Arlo video doorbell is in “silent mode.” If it is in silent mode, all you have to do is toggle it off.

The Doorbell’s Temperature is too High

Unfortunately, the Arlo video doorbell won’t function properly if the temperature is too high. If you suspect this is the issue, you should open your Arlo App. The Arlo App will inform you if the doorbell temperature is too high.

If the temperature is too high, then the Arlo video doorbell will turn off until it cools down enough to work safely.

Incompatible Chime Box

One unfortunate reason for the chime not sounding when you need it to is that the chime box in your home is incompatible. You should check the chime box compatibility before purchasing an Arlo video doorbell. To check the chime box’s compatibility, the chime box in your house will be either:

  • Wires only, where you need 16-24V AC
  • Wires and batteries, where there are no minimum requirements.

If your chime box is batteries only, unfortunately, the Arlo video doorbell isn’t compatible. If this is the case, you can purchase an Arlo audio doorbell with a separate Arlo camera to get the chime function. You can also purchase and install an Arlo chime box if you have an incompatible chime box or don’t have one at all. 

Calling Arlo Technical Support

As a final resort, if none of these options work or are the reasons your Arlo video doorbell isn’t chiming, then you should contact Arlo technical support. There, you will be able to speak with someone who will be able to help you and possibly note if there is a product flaw.


One downside to the Arlo video doorbell is that the chime will not function properly. A big part of this downside is that several possible reasons are causing it not to chime that you should troubleshoot through. However, the bight side to this is that it is very simple to fix any of these issues.

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