How to continuously record with a WYZE camera (always on)


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With the abilities of present technologies, people are able to have a self monitoring home security system. One of the biggest things most people look for is a camera that will always record what is going on. Here, we will take a look at the Wyze camera, and see if it will provide that continuous recording that you may be looking for.

With additional hardware and software, the Wzye camera system can provide a continuous recording of what is going on. To do so, you will need to download the Wyze app to your phone, as well as purchasing a micro-SD card for each camera that you want continuous recording on.

Being able to get that layer of 24/7 recording from your Wyze camera is a great thing. Next we will look at what size micro-SD card you should use for the Wyze camera. 

What Size Micro-SD Card Is Best For The Wyze Camera

Now that we know the Wyze camera needs a mirco-SD to get continuous recording, you may want to know what size micro-SD you need. Micro-SD cards come in sizes as small as 2 GB and as large as 512 GB. One may think that getting the largest capacity card is the best choice. But is that really the case with the Wyze camera?

For the best function results, a 32 GB micro-SD is recommended for use in the Wyze camera. According to the Wyze Support website, for the best results, you need a 32 GB FAT32 formatted micro-SD card. 

It also notes that the Wyze camera can detect a 64 GB micro-SD card, but that there could be issues with using a larger capacity card. With the 32 GB micro-SD card you can get between 7 to 8 days of standard definition recording, or between 2 to 3 days of high definition recording. 

Knowing the right micro-SD card to use in the Wyze camera is key to making sure your system is working the way you need it to. Continue reading on if you want to know if you need to format your mirco-SD card to use for the Wyze camera.

Do I Need To Format My Micro-SD Card For The Wyze Camera 

Now that we have covered that the Wyze camera needs a 32 GB micro-SD card formatted to FAT32, you may be wondering if you need to format the mirco-SD card that you have just bought. The worst thing to happen is to not have a correctly formatted micro-SD card in your Wyze camera. Here, we will look at if micro-SD cards are pre-formatted.

As a general rule, new micro-SD cards come pre-formatted to the FAT32 system. The FAT32 is one of the more common file systems used for USB drives and flash memory cards. This allows for an easy plug and play type for the micro-SD card in the Wyze camera.

Knowing that your new micro-SD card is pre-formatted to the correct specifications is one less thing to worry about. Continue reading if you want to learn how to format an existing micro-SD card you have and want to use.

How Can I Format My Micro-SD Card To Use In The Wyze Camera 

We have covered so far the correct micro-SD card for your Wyze camera and that most of them are already pre-formatted to FAT32. But if you have a mirco-SD card that you already use, you will need to know the steps in formatting it. But before you do this, make sure you have nothing saved on the micro-SD card. 

Formatting the card will erase all data that is currently on it. After you confirm the card is clear of any files you may want to save, continue reading for a step by step of formatting the micro-SD card.

This can all be done from the Wyze app after inserting the micro-SD card into the camera.

  1. From the Wyze app, select the camera’s live feed that has the micro-SD card in it 
  2. Next, select the “settings” option for that camera
  3. Next, select the “advanced settings” option 
  4. Select the “local storage” option 
  5. Select “format” to format your micro-SD card 

And there you have it. Whether you are using a new or used micro-SD card, you can feel confident that you have everything done correctly.


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