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Are WhatsApp Calls Recorded? How To Protect Yourself

Last Updated Jan 19, 2023
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WhatsApp is an encrypted chat service that communicates through text, voice, and video calling.

WhatsApp does not record WhatsApp voice calls, but that does not mean anyone cannot record your calls. Your contacts can still record your calls.

There is no direct way WhatsApp can record calls, but apps are available for recording phone calls.

Why Can’t WhatsApp Record Calls?

WhatsApp cannot record your calls because WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption.

End-to-end encryption is a secure communication method that encodes your messages so no other party than those involved can read the messages, even WhatsApp.

Since WhatsApp can’t record calls, does that mean you or your contacts can? What about a hacker?

Can you Record Calls on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp doesn’t have a native audio recording option. It is possible to record your own WhatsApp calls using third-party software.

How to Record WhatsApp Calls

You can find call recorder apps on Android phones in the Google Play Store to record a WhatsApp call, such as the Cube Call Recorder.

Google Play Store Icon

No app is available for iOS device users, but they can record calls with the screen recording feature

Before recording calls, you should also check here to see if you live in a one-party or all-party consent state.

Security Features Implemented by WhatsApp

WhatsApp is adding features to increase privacy and security on WhatsApp.

  • Stealth Mode
  • Online Presence Control
  • Ability to Privately Leave Group
  • Screenshot Blocking
  • “View Once” Media

These are security options within the WhatsApp application to increase your privacy.

Stealth Mode

The WhatsApp Stealth Mode allows the WhatsApp user to disable the app showing their online status. 

Online Presence Control

If you want most of your contacts to see you when you are online but want to block a specific set of people, you can now do that with Online Presence Control.

Privately Leave Group Chats

The newest security feature stops sending this mass notification of you leaving the chat. The group chat admins will still be notified that you left the chat.


Screenshot-blocking is one of the most useful security features WhatsApp is implementing. 

The feature blocks someone’s ability to take a screenshot of your conversation.

This won’t block screen recorder apps.

“View Once” Media

Another feature that WhatsApp is introducing is what they call “view once” media. 

It is essentially a feature mimicking Snap Chat’s longtime feature of viewing it once, and it is gone.

What to do if Someone has Been Recording WhatsApp Calls

You can’t control what someone else does with their devices. Ultimately, even if they are breaking the law, the best practice is to avoid calling someone you can’t trust.

If someone has been recording your calls, you need to assess what you told that person. You can ask them to stop, or if you live in an all-party state, you can tell them to stop.

If they can be trusted, you may have nothing to worry about. 

But those call and chat logs are saved on two devices, or more if you’re in a group, one of which you have no control over.

Why Would I Need to Record WhatsApp Calls?

There are numerous reasons someone may record their WhatsApp calls. From gathering evidence on someone for a court case or lawsuit to standard record keeping.

You may need to record your WhatsApp calls to gather evidence of a crime or protect yourself when calling a company or entity and wanting to have a record of the call.

Can WhatsApp Calls be Used in Court?

WhatsApp calls can be used in court. They are generally treated as if you had an automatic recording of your call using other equipment. 

WhatsApp calls are valid evidence in a court case but are subject to the burden of proof, where you must prove the parties that are speaking on the call.

Can the Police Listen to WhatsApp Calls?

With end-to-end encryption, you must provide recordings of your calls or chat logs to the police. 

You can read more about law enforcement and the court’s utilization of WhatsApp here.

The police can’t obtain your chat logs without your help because of the end-to-end encryption. Even WhatsApp can’t read your chat logs. You would have to provide them.

This can be more settling if you are worried about the police listening in on you.


WhatsApp calls are not recorded by WhatsApp or their parent company Meta because of the utilization of end-to-end encryption. Contacts can record using third-party apps.