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Are Weboost Cell Boosters Any Good

Last Updated Jan 20, 2022

Cell signal boosters help you enjoy faster internet speeds, fewer dropped calls and so much more. One company blazing the trail for cell signal boosters is weBoost, and they are compatible with almost any carrier; including Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. But are weBoost cell signal boosters a good investment?

When doing research on the nation’s top cell signal boosters, weBoost came out on top. These are all the qualities of weBoost:

  • High uplink power
  • Excellent hardware design
  • A well-designed phone cradle on the mobile boosters
  • Great value for your money
  • And more

There are several factors to take into consideration when you’re shopping for a cell signal booster, including the area you want coverage for such as your home, your company office, or your campsite. You also need to factor in the amount of uplink power you will need and the budget range you’re wanting to stay in. 

How Signal Boosters Work 

Before you decide to buy a cell signal booster, you first need to understand how they work. There are three main things causing your dropped calls, missed texts, and slow data: your distance from a cell tower, the building materials of your office or home, and various other obstructions between you and the cell tower (i.e. trees, mountains, or other buildings). 

Cell signal boosters increase cell phone coverage by receiving signals with an outside antenna from the nearest tower, they then amplify the signal and deliver them to the inside antenna so any phone or other cellular devices within your space can access the signal. 

So unlike WiFi or network extenders, signal boosters don’t require user logins or any kind of landline connection. For more information on how cell signal boosters work you can read this article

Are Signal Boosters For You? 

When you try making a call outdoors, if your signal is strong enough, then the signal is most likely strong enough for a cell phone booster. A signal booster is designed for anyone that has an available cell signal in their home, office, or vehicle and wants better call quality, faster data speeds, and much more. 

What if you recently switched to 5G, will a signal booster work with your cell phone? Yes, current weBoost products will work on 5G cell signals. And if you haven’t made the switch to 5G yet, carriers will continue to rely on 4G LTE speeds to provide service to a large percentage of their customers well into 2030 and beyond. 

As long as you live in the United States, all weBoost boosters will work with any phone. This means no more worrying about carrier compatibility. However, weBoost signal boosters are not recommended for use outside the United States, but they do offer different models for use in Canada, South America, and Malaysia. 

Any other country is incompatible with weBoost boosters. 

Installing And Troubleshooting Your WeBoost Signal Booster 

The Home Complete booster is the only home booster kit that includes nationwide installation thru a partnership with OnTech Smart Services, and installation times can be reserved, often the very next day. But for all other weBoost signal booster kits, there are specific guides showing you proper product installation, as well as installation videos. 

All product specifications, installation guides, and installation videos can be found at this link: 

Most Common Troubleshooting

Here are some of the most common troubleshooting processes for weBoost.

Booster is Hot to the Touch

This is perfectly normal. It’s best to keep the booster in a well-ventilated area to help keep the unit cooler. 

Increasing the Boosters Coverage Area

Try and optimize where your outside antenna is placed or directed. Make sure it is facing your carrier’s cell tower, this will produce the best results with your unit. 

No Lights On the Booster

This could mean one of two things: the power supply has burnt out, or the booster itself isn’t working. Test the power supply to see if it needs to be replaced and contact support for a replacement if your booster is still under the 2-year warranty from the purchase date. 

Green Lights On the Unit, But No Increase In Signal

Green lights indicate no interference between the inside and outside antenna, they do not mean that the booster is amplifying the signal. No increase in signal while the unit shows green lights could mean the outside signal is too weak to boost, improper antenna positioning, or possible hardware issues. 

Protecting Outside Connections

All you need to do is weatherproof the cable connections.


All in all, weBoost delivers the most versatile cell phone signal boosters. Whether you’re traveling, working long hours in the office, or streaming the latest toddler stimulation videos on YouTube, weBoost comes highly rated by customers nationwide. 

Not to mention, they are the only cell boosters designed and assembled in the United States. While they may not be for everyone, there’s only one way to find out if they’re for you.

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