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Are VTech Watches Waterproof? (Can You Submerge?)

Last Updated Oct 23, 2022
smart watch coming out of water

VTech watches are great smartwatches you can use for most exercise routines. However, you might wonder whether you can bring your VTech watch into the pool.

VTech watches are splashproof, but they are not waterproof. So, you don’t have to worry about wearing them in the rain, but you cannot submerge them in water entirely.

Please continue reading to learn everything you need about waterproof Vtech watches and where you can use them.

Can You Use Your VTech Watch in the Shower or Pool?

If you want to monitor your fitness while swimming, you should not purchase the VTech smartwatch for this task.

VTech smartwatches are not waterproof enough to withstand swimming.

Even though VTech watches are splashproof, you may also want to avoid using them while you take a shower.

Splashproof is meant more for accidental splashing than intentional water interactions.

It would help if you never dipped your VTech smartwatches in water because this can ruin them since they’re not built to withstand more than occasional splashing.

If you want a smartwatch you can bring to the swimming pool; then you should consider a different brand.

None of the VTech smartwatches are waterproof.

How Much Moisture Can Your Vtech Handle?

Your VTech smartwatch is waterproof enough to withstand a heavy-duty workout session that doesn’t include water. For example, if you go on a run, you can bring your VTech smartwatch.

If you accidentally spill water on your VTech while drinking, your VTech can also withstand this amount of water damage. Minimal spills and splashing are fine for your VTech smartwatch.

You also don’t need to worry if you leave your VTech smartwatch on your wrist while outside in the rain.

Your VTech smartwatch won’t encounter enough water to receive any damage while it rains.

If you plan to work up a sweat or if you splash some water on your VTech smartwatch, you have nothing to worry about.

Difference Between Splashproof And Waterproof

Most smartwatches on the market are waterproof, which is why you might be confused about the VTech smartwatch.

For example, you can bring up most newer Galaxy watches and apple watches into the swimming pool to track your workout.

That is because those smartwatches are waterproof.

When you have a waterproof device, you can submerge it into the water for a long time without receiving any damage.
However, when you have a splash-proof device, it can only withstand minimal interactions with water.

Because the VTech smartwatch is only splashproof, you need to be cautious about where you bring it.

Steps to Take if You Submerge Your Vtech Watch

If you accidentally submerge your VTech smartwatch, you can take steps to prevent permanent water damage.

  1. Remove the VTech smartwatch from the water as soon as possible to minimize your risk of damage
  2. Use a microfiber cloth to dry the VTech smartwatch, so there’s no excess water.
  3. Put your VTech smartwatch into an airtight container with silica gel so that water rapidly dries out overnight
  4. Allow the VTech smartwatch to sit with the silica gel for at least 24 hours before you attempt to use it.
  5. If you don’t have silica gel, you can try using rice to dry out your smartwatch instead, but silica gel is more effective.

Unfortunately, if your watch doesn’t turn back on after you’ve let it sit in the silica gel for 24 hours, it’s unlikely that you can resolve the problem.

It would help if you were extra careful when you use a VTech smartwatch around water to ensure that you don’t accidentally submerge it and destroy the device.

Are Waterproof Smartwatches Worth it?

VTech smartwatches are great because they can monitor your workout and are affordable.

However, you cannot bring them in the water if you want to swim.

If you’re an avid swimmer, purchasing a waterproof smartwatch would be worth it so that you can monitor more of your exercise routine.

However, if you only plan to do land sports and are worried about sweat, then the VTech smartwatch is water-resistant enough to endure your workout.

You do not need an entirely waterproof smartwatch to monitor your activity level successfully.

The VTech smartwatch is splashproof, so you can sweat and wash your hands without concern.

Final Thoughts

VTech smartwatches are not waterproof, so you cannot submerge them in water.

However, they will be fine if you wash your hands or sweat during your workout.

If you accidentally submerge your VTech smartwatch, you should let it rest overnight with silica gel to dry out.

Please do not attempt to use your smartwatch while it’s wet.

If you get caught in the rain with your smartwatch, you also don’t have to worry about water damage.

Your VTech smartwatch can handle interacting with trace amounts of water daily.

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