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Are VTech Toys Good For Development? (Read This First)

Last Updated Oct 27, 2022
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Smart toys like VTech toys have become more popular as technology has progressed. It has replaced many of the old traditional toys. But are toys like VTech toys good for development?

Like anything, there are benefits when children use VTech toys, but there are also some downfalls. It all depends on which VTech toys your child uses and the time spent on them.

VTech toys expose children to concepts that parents may not know of. They can help provide assistance in developmental growth, but there are limits to these toys. These are the things you need to know to ensure your child’s growth and health.

Are VTech Toys Good For Development?

Yes, they can be, as long as you use them appropriately. When parents start using it to keep a child busy, it can be detrimental to their growth and development.

But there are many benefits to having VTech toys. It can help you teach your kids in a different way than the style you communicate information. Not everyone teaches or learns the same way.

Benefits To VTech Toys

VTech Toys can bring diversity to your learning along with traditional toys. There are toys that provide different languages of concepts and different ways of learning.

VTech rattles and teethers help with motor development and are great for when you’re on-the-go. VTech word books provide repetition for words your child can learn.

Depending on the toy’s function, these toys can help with physical and motor development, social and emotional development, and language and cognitive development.

Cons To VTech Toys

VTech toys are not meant to replace your interaction with your child or you teaching them. You have to use them as a supplement or addition for these toys to be beneficial.

When a child uses VTech toys as a replacement for their interaction with you, they can become stunted in their language, social, and emotional development. 

Interacting with you is one of the best ways a child learns, and when there is a lack of this interaction, it can cause a decrease or absence in your child’s language and cognitive development.

Even using traditional toys like play-doh or drawing with crayons has shown to be better for physical and motor development than using fingers to draw like on a VTech toy.

It is best to use VTech toys along with traditional play to enhance a child’s development and learning. When used as a replacement, it can cause some developmental delays.

The Best VTech Toys To Buy

There are many VTech toys out there that can help improve your child’s development, but some may not be the best fit. Here are some of the best choices when looking for a VTech toy:

  • Sort & Discover Activity Cube
  • Babble & Rattle Microphone
  • VTech Musical Rhymes Book
  • VTech Sort and Discover Drum

All of these have reasonable prices and make for wonderful gifts for your child and others.

Sort & Discover Activity Cube

The Sort and Discover Activity Cube is an all-in-one toy with five different sides for your child to play with. It has sorting on one side, a little book with piano keys on another, and more!

It provides great hand-to-eye coordination while learning sight words for when your child starts speaking. It is a little more expensive than the other toys but with all the activities, who can argue?

Babble & Rattle Microphone

The Babble and Rattle Microphone are best for babies and toddlers. There are over 60 songs and sounds that your child can sing along with or learn. 

It is great for language and cognitive development and for babies’ physical development. You and your child can put on a concert to show off what your child has learned!

VTech Musical Rhymes Book

Musical rhyme books like the Vtech brand are great when your child loves books and music, but you can’t always sit down with them. It helps them expand their language development while you are busy.

This toy is a great addition to your child’s book collection and can help your child expand their vocab while having a little musical fun.

VTech Sort and Discover Drum

The Sort and Discover Activity Cube can be a little overwhelming for children with all the gadgets and activities they can play with. For something simpler, the Sort and Discover drum is a wonderful alternative.

This will help your child learn how to sort their shapes and is great for hand-eye coordination. It helps with those motor skills too! It is perfect for the younger kids and won’t be as busy as the cube.


VTech toys are a great addition to have for your child’s development. It can be very beneficial when used properly and as an addition, not a replacement. Your child will thrive and grow!

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