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Are Vtech Baby Monitors Waterproof?

Last Updated Aug 11, 2022
Baby playing with water in a bucket

One of the best baby monitors you can get on the market today are VTech baby monitors as they allow you to monitor your baby’s movement with high-quality clarity and sound as if you were right there in person. And if you’ve been wondering if Vtech baby monitors are waterproof, then you’re in the right place.

As stated by Vtech, their baby monitors are specifically intended for indoor use only. While some users have had no problem whatsoever with their monitors when it’s wet, others haven’t. As a result, there is no definitive proof to suggest that Vtech baby monitors are waterproof, but they are water resistant and extremely durable.

It is worth mentioning that there’s no truly one hundred percent waterproof item, as this is just a measure of said item’s water resistance. There are numerous other benefits that come with using Vtech baby monitors. In this article, we’ll focus on these benefits and give you a step-by-step guideline on setting up Vtech baby monitors for use.

How to Setup a Vtech Baby Monitor

All Vtech baby monitors come with a manual that can guide you on how to set up the device for use. However, if you’re finding the manual difficult to understand or just want to know what it takes to set up a Vtech baby monitor, then we’re here to help.

Vtech baby monitors have a minimalist design and are very easy to set up without much guidance, if any. The entire process will only take up to a few minutes, covering very few steps.

  • The first step in the setup process would be to connect the baby unit to a power supply with the included power adapter. To do this, it is advisable to place the baby monitor at least more than 3ft away from your child’s crib, install the battery into this unit and then power it on by switching the power button to the left.
  • The second step is similar to the first. Here you will connect the parent unit to a power source, also using the power adapter that comes along with it. Unlike the baby unit, the parent unit requires 8 hours of charge time for optimum usage. So you should get this done first before you decide to power it on.
  • After connecting and powering on both the baby and parent unit, start up your HD monitor. To do this, you will need to raise the antenna of your parent unit so it can receive the best signal. Once you are done with that press and hold the power button until the welcome screen appears. Then you wait for the baby and parent unit to connect with each other.

Note that the default volume of your parent unit is 4, while its maximum volume is 7. While setting up, if you notice a high-pitch screeching sound from your baby monitor during position you should ensure that your parent unit and baby unit are more than 3ft away from each other. If they are, you should turn down the volume of your parent unit.

Benefits of Using a Vtech Baby Monitor

Some of the benefits associated with using Vtech baby monitors are:

  • Unlike audio baby monitors, with the Vtech video baby monitors, not only do you hear your baby, you get to see them too as most Vtech baby monitors come equipped with a high-resolution LCD screen.
  • Easy two-way communication with a talk-back intercom perfect for singing your baby back to sleep.
  • Presence of refined audio and full-color video for clarity.
  • Most Vtech baby monitors have exceptionally long ranges, with some even having up to 1000 feet of range.
  • Some Vtech baby monitors come with soothing sounds and lullabies to help lull your baby to sleep.
  • You can easily connect your Vtech baby monitor to your phone as they are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
  • The handle of Vtech baby monitors doubles as a night light.

The benefits of using Vtech baby monitors are not limited to those above and can almost always find another reason to be useful. These are merely a collection of well-regarded benefits.

How Much Does a Vtech Baby Monitor Cost

There exists a wide range of products produced under Vtech baby monitors, audio and video baby monitors alike. So there is no specific price range for any of these products. Nonetheless, Vtech boasts of a vast product catalog, so you are certain the find something that falls within your desired budget.

It is worth noting that the VTech radio baby monitors are significantly cheaper than their counterparts. Therefore, they are suitable options for those on a tight budget.


Vtech baby monitors aren’t designed to be waterproof as they are meant to be used indoors, but they are water resistant. In cases where these monitors are accidentally spilled on or in steamy situations, they do work as well normally as reported by numerous product reviews.