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Are The Samsung Curved TVs Worth It?

Last Updated Jan 8, 2022
black and white curved tv

When it comes to televisions, there have been several “new ideas” over the years that have been truly life-changing, especially when you think about how far the TV has come in just our lifetime! But when the top companies began making curved TVs, they didn’t quite make the impact most people were expecting. Samsung still produces some curved TVs, but are they worth it? 

Samsung curved TVs, although they offer many of the special features flat Samsung TVs have, also have several drawbacks. At the end of the day, curved TVs do not offer a better entertainment experience, especially if you have a large viewing room, and therefore, are not really worth it. 

If you want to learn a little more about what Samsung curved TVs have to offer, what their drawbacks are, and even how they compare to the companies flat-screen televisions, you have come to the right place! Keep reading to become a Samsung curved TV expert and then decide for yourself if they are the right choice for your home. 

What Are the Options of Samsung Curved TVs?

It is important to note that there really not that many options for curved TVs left on the market. Only a decade ago, curved TVs were abounding, as most companies expected this new gimmick to win over the American consumer. 

But the truth is, they weren’t quite as popular as expected. As we will learn in the next section, they actually had quite a few downsides. 

In fact, production has essentially stopped, and if you want to purchase a curved Samsung TV today, there is only one option that was manufactured after 2020 and that is the TU8300

The other options were all made in the 2010s and while they still may be fairly up to date on the latest technological advancements, they are probably not quite as high-tech as the newer flat-screen options.

But before you give up on curved Samsung TVs altogether, you may want to learn a lot about the TU8300, and what the older models have to offer, who knows, they just might be the perfect TV for you. 

What Are the Pros of Samsung Curved TVs?

When curved TVs first hit the market, users reported that there were quite a few pros of the curved screen. 

  • Curved TVs can feel like a 3D experience as it offers multiple depth planes.
  • You will experience greater sharpness at the edges of the TV.
  • They can fill a greater field of view if you are seated in the center of the TV.
  • There are usually fewer issues with glare. 
  • If you sit close enough, the screen will appear bigger. 

While some of these pros may sound pretty tempting, it’s essential to understand that each of these offerings is completely dependent on your seating arrangement. 

You really need to be sitting in the center of the TV in order to benefit from everything a curved TV has to offer, which means that there are far fewer options for where you can sit in your living room or bedroom in order to fully enjoy a curved TV. 

What Are the Cons of a Samsung Curved TV?

As we have learned, the real con of a Samsung, or any curved TV, is that you only have a few options of where you can sit before the curved technology actually becomes a detriment. 

  • If you are sitting at an angle of more than 30 or 35 degrees, the curved sides will inhibit you from being able to see the entire picture. 
  • Reflections are often intensified. Any light across from the TV will not only produce one little glare, but it will be quite a bit larger due to the geometry of the television. 
  • Because of these other issues, you will probably need to purchase a larger TV than you would if you were buying a flat-screen in order to combat them, which may mean your TV takes up the majority of your living room instead of being an accent piece. 
  • Curved TVs are substantially more expensive than their flat-screen counterparts.

At the end of the day, most people who have compared flat-screen and curved screen TVs have come to the conclusion that curved screen TVs just aren’t worth it the extra money or annoying downsides. 

Final Thoughts

While we all know that Samsung makes great TVs, and their curved TVs definitely do have some positives, such as the fact that your viewing experience can feel more enhanced if you are sitting in the perfect spot, the pros simply do not outweigh the cons. 

So are the Samsung curved TVs worth it? Well, we don’t think so. But you don’t have to take our word for it, hopefully, you now fully understand the many upsides and downsides of a Samsung curved TV so you can make an informed purchase and make sure you get the perfect TV for your home!