Are the Eufy Floodlight Cameras Compatible with Google Home?

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Eufy floodlight cameras are one of the products developed by smart home device company Eufy. The Eufy security cameras are highly praised for their excellent video quality, reliability, multiple power options, and even smart home compatibility, making them the go-to security cameras for most of us. But is the Eufy floodlight camera compatible with Google Home?

Eufy floodlight cameras now work with Google Home. The Eufy camera supports Google Assistant, and you can activate your Eufy Floodlight cameras and watch live footage on your phone or TV by saying Google Assistant voice commands.

You are now probably wondering how to go about that. But not to worry, linking your Eufy Floodlight camera with Google home is quite easy and can be done within a few minutes. Read on to learn more about Eufy Floodlight cameras and their compatibility with Google Home.

Does the Eufy Floodlight Camera Work with Google Assistant?

The Eufy Floodlight cameras are in fact compatible with Google Home. You can link your Eufy camera to Google Home and use Google voice commands to watch live footage of your driveway or garage. These include usual commands such as “Google, show garage camera.” Try to not be too detailed when giving commands.

How to Connect Your Eufy Floodlight Camera to Google Home

Connecting your Eufy Floodlight camera with Google Home is simple and does not require much technical knowledge. First off, ensure that your Eufy security camera is properly set up, which means creating a Eufy security account and following the instructions. After that, add the Eufy floodlight device to your phone’s Google Home app.

How to Add Eufy Floodlight Camera to Google Home

After completing the setup and checking to ensure everything is correctly done, you can start linking Google Assistant with your Eufy security account.

  1. Open the Google Home app on your phone and tap on Google Assistant settings>services>Home control.
  2. Tap on add device or search for new devices and find your Eufy security device.
  3. Tap on “Eufy security device” to connect your Eufy Floodlight camera to Google Assistant and key in your Eufy name and password.
  4. Then enter your Google pin code and allow authorization of your Eufy security account with your Google account, and you are good to go.
  5. You can select the rooms where your Eufy Floodlight camera will be active and try out some commands. For instance, if you want to check the garage, you can say, “Ok, Google show the driveway/garage camera on the living room TV.”

However, the floodlight cameras may sometimes fail to recognize the command. Even though you can control the light (turn the light on and off and even control brightness), some commands may still end up failing.

When you give a certain command, your Google Assistant may say, “Sorry, it looks like the device has not been set up yet. You can do so in the Google Home app.” This can be frustrating, but there is no need to worry. Once this pops up, it means that the setup was not done correctly, and your Eufy Floodlight camera is not well connected to the Google Home app. Double-check that it was added correctly before proceeding with further troubleshooting.

How to Fix “Sorry, It Looks Like The Device Has Not Been Set Up Yet.”

To fix this error, you will need to go back to the setup and carefully check that each step was done correctly. Ensure that you entered the correct Eufy account name and password. Double-check the selected rooms where your Eufy Floodlight camera is active and try to repeat the commands.

If the error message still pops up, then you can then try filtering out some words or adding some new terms. The word “the” is sometimes confusing to Google, and rather than saying, “Ok, Google show me the garage camera,” you can say, “Ok, Google show garage camera.”

Another solution to this is to add the word ‘camera.’ For instance, cast driveway camera on Living room TV. If everything fails, reach out to Eufy customer service.

Other Eufy Cameras Compatible with Google Home

Other than the Eufy Floodlight cameras, there are other security cameras by Eufy, which are also compatible with Google Home.

These compatible cameras include:

Each of these cameras works well and fully integrates with Google Home.


Eufy Floodlight cameras are now compatible with Google Home. This means you can use voice commands to check what is happening on your front door or garage without moving from wherever you are. You just need to tell Google what footage from the Eufy Floodlight camera needs to be displayed. For instance, ask Google Assistant to show the front door camera on the living room TV.

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