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Are the Eufy Floodlight Cameras Compatible with Alexa?

Last Updated Jul 8, 2022
Amazon Alexa Echo Dot

Eufy Floodlight Cameras can be very handy additions to building a smart home. They can provide your home with not just safety from intruders, but also safety for your guests who are leaving and would need a light to see in the driveway after dark. After you have made this purchase though, you wonder: is the camera you just bought compatible with Alexa?

All current Eufy Floodlight Cameras are fully compatible with Alexa. The Eufy Floodlight Cameras are controllable in various ways through an Alexa-compatible device.

As with all Alexa-compatible smart devices, there are limitations to what can be controlled on a Eufy Floodlight Camera. Read on to discover the ins and outs of controlling your Eufy Floodlight Camera with Alexa.

Connecting Your Eufy to Alexa

Before you take advantage of the Alexa compatibility, you first must set up your smart camera according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The device must be connected through the Eufy app, and online.

Make sure you can run all the normal functions of the floodlight through the standard application through the Eufy app before trying to connect the camera to Alexa. This will ensure that all functionality has been checked before trying to voice control it.

Once the camera has been paired and configured properly, open your Alexa app and use the “Smart Home” menu to connect your Alexa to your Eufy Floodlight Camera. Once the device has been found by Alexa, the Eufy device should be able to be controlled through voice commands.

Controlling the Device From Alexa

Once the camera has been found through Alexa, you can control certain functions of the camera through just the use of your voice. If you need to turn on (or off) the floodlight, simply tell Alexa to “Turn on (or off) the floodlight.”

This is a simple command and should work with any Alexa device that is connected to the internet. Even the base model Echo Dot can take care of this.

Other commands, however, might not work properly without the correct Alexa device. Eufy Floodlight Cameras have the ability to interface their camera through Alexa devices.

These commands, which can be akin to “Show Me the Garage Floodlight” can be used to bring up a display of what the Eufy camera sees. The only Alexa smart devices that are capable of doing this are those with a screen such as the Echo Show series. Through the use of the smart camera and these Alexa devices, you are able to see the camera feed from the particular Eufy camera.

As an additional note, an Alexa-specific device is not necessary to pair the camera with Alexa. This seems counter-intuitive, but keep in mind that Alexa is also available on any smartphone, tablet, and even some laptops. So if you don’t have a smart speaker, but still want to take advantage of Alexa voice commands, you can just use your smartphone or tablet. They will function the same as if you were speaking to your smart speaker.

Enhancing Your Smart Home

By pairing the Eufy floodlight cameras with Alexa, you can take advantage of a fully smart home, especially in the area of security.

Through routines in Alexa, you can pair multiple actions together and execute them all through one voice command. In the Alexa app, you can link actions together into a single routine. For example, if you have a large outdoors that needs multiple Eufy floodlight cameras that need to turn on all at the same time, it could be slightly cumbersome using multiple voice commands.

Through the use of routines, you can link many floodlight cameras together to turn on together through just one routine. This opens a vast amount of possibilities to customize the smarts of your smart home the way you want. 

Some Things Can’t be Controlled by Voice

There are some aspects of the Eufy Floodlight Cameras that just can’t be controlled through Alexa. These functions are often smart device setup, pairing the camera with a different wireless network, forcing a software update, and the like.

All these functions are specific only to the device and/or the Eufy App. This is predominantly because these functions all require a device reboot or a temporary disconnect from the wireless network. They also could involve Eufy-specific, proprietary functions that are unable to link to Alexa.

Other features that are not able to be controlled with Alexa include more advanced features such as setting up/enabling geofencing as well as other operations such as set routines.


Through the use of a Eufy floodlight camera, pairing with Alexa you can create a smarter home with a more efficient use of your resources. These resources can leverage individual smart features that could mesh your smart devices together in order to act seamlessly together and create new possibilities.