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Are Smart Locks Waterproof? (And Clever Ways To Protect It)

Last Updated Feb 28, 2022
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The popularity of smart locks has been increasing in recent years. Smart locks are designed to make it easier for people to get into their homes by replacing traditional keys with smartphones.

The answer is yes, but to an extent. The touchpad features an automated locking mechanism to prevent the smart lock software from malfunctioning because of heavy rain. If heavy rain is detected, the lock will automatically lock itself.

While these locks are convenient, some people have expressed concerns about their security. Let’s explore the waterproofing capabilities of smart locks and provide tips on how you can protect your smart locks from water damage. 

The Best Way to Waterproof Your Smart Lock

One of the major concerns with using a smart lock is that it may be susceptible to water damage. There are many locations where smart locks are susceptible to water damage, such as fence gates and even under a canopy if you get sideways rain.

Here are a few clever ways that you can protect your smart lock from water damage: 

  1. Install your smart lock in a location that is protected from the elements
  2. Invest in a quality weatherproof cover for your smart lock
  3. Waterproof your smart lock by using a watertight sealant

Install Your Smart Lock in Location Protected Against the Elements 

When installing a smart lock, it is important to consider the environment in which it will be used. 

If you have a porch or covered entryway, installing your smart lock there is the ideal place. This will help ensure that the lock functions correctly, even in bad weather conditions. The eufy smart lock is designed to withstand most of the elements.

Invest in a Quality Weatherproof Cover for Your Smart Lock

There are many different types of weatherproof covers available, so be sure to choose one that is made specifically for your smart lock model. 

A weatherproof cover is an excellent investment for your smart lock. It can help protect your lock from the rain, snow, and sleet, as well as keep it clean from dirt and debris. A quality weatherproof cover will also be durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions.

When shopping for a weatherproof cover for your smart lock, be sure to compare prices and read reviews to find the best option for your needs. Also, be sure to measure the dimensions of your smart lock to ensure that you purchase a cover that fits properly. 

A quality weatherproof cover can help prolong the life of your smart lock and keep it functioning correctly in all types of weather conditions.

Waterproof Your Smart Lock by Using a Watertight Sealant

An alternative method to waterproof your smart lock is to use a watertight sealant. The water sealant will help keep the moisture out and protect your lock from damage. 

Make sure to read the instructions carefully to apply the sealant correctly. Once it is dry, your lock will be safe and protected from the elements.

The Best Ways to Prevent Your Smart Lock From Damaging

Prevention is always better than the cure, and in this case, if you can prevent your smart lock from water damage or elemental damage, why not prevent it?

Here are three ways that you can prevent your smart lock from damaging. 

  1. Keep it clean and free of debris.
  2. Avoid exposing your smart lock to extreme temperatures
  3. Keep the firmware up to date

Keep it Clean and Free of Debris 

A dirty or clogged smart lock can cause malfunctions and decreased performance. Make sure to keep your smart lock clean and free of debris by routinely checking it and cleaning it as needed. 

Debris can include: 

  • dirt
  • dust
  • leaves
  • mud
  • other outdoor elements.

Avoid Exposing Your Smart Lock to Extreme Temperatures 

Smart locks are vulnerable to extreme weather conditions and can be rendered useless if they get too cold or hot.

Most smart locks are battery-operated, so if the temperature dips below freezing or rises above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the battery will not work properly, and the lock will not function. 

In addition, many smart locks use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect to your phone or home automation system, and extreme weather conditions can disrupt these connections.

If you live in an area with severe weather conditions, it’s important to take precautions to protect your smart lock. Ensure you keep your lock’s batteries charged during the winter months and avoid exposing your lock to direct sunlight or rainstorms.

Keep the Firmware up to Date  

If your device isn’t updated with the latest firmware, you could be leaving yourself open to attack. So, be sure to check for any smart lock updates regularly and install them as soon as possible.


In conclusion, it seems that smart locks are not wholly waterproof or environmental proof. While some models may be resistant to water, they are not entirely waterproof. 

When buying a smart lock, it’s essential to be aware of the environment where you will be placing the lock.

The tips we provided should be sufficient for you to keep your smart locks working for as long as possible and at their very best.

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