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Are SimpliSafe Entry Sensors Weatherproof? (How to Protect from Water & More)

Oct 5, 2020
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Safety and security are especially relevant issues on the forefront of many homeowners’ minds. SimpliSafe offers various solutions, including entry sensors, designed primarily to keep your home protected at all times. With this in mind, I wanted to learn more about my options for using the SimpliSafe entry sensors outdoors.

Although SimpliSafe entry sensors are not weatherproof right out of the box, there are alternatives available should you decide to use your sensors outdoors.

If you plan on using parts of your system outdoors, there are some additional steps you will need to take to ensure your system is functioning correctly. This article will discuss and examine the entry sensors’ functions and what is required to protect them from outdoor elements.

SimpliSafe Entry Sensors: A Quick Look

The SimpliSafe Entry Sensors utilize a magnet in connection with their sensor to alert the user of a potential break-in. When the magnet is more than 2 inches from the sensor (AKA when your door or window is opened), the user is alerted to the event.

Additionally, the user can customize the type of alerts they receive when a sensor is triggered, ranging from a full alarm to a private text or email sent to your device. There are a wide variety of applications for the sensor, ranging from protecting your toddlers and young children who like to venture outside to monitoring your mailbox’s activity.

For reference, SimpliSafe offers an insightful article on their sensors’ more technical functionalities, including a diagram here. It is worth noting that the entry sensors require the SimpliSafe Base Station to communicate with your system.

How to Make Your SimpliSafe Sensor Weatherproof

If you’re concerned about how the outdoor elements will affect your sensors, there are some solutions provided by SimpliSafe, as well as some creative third party solutions.

On their blog, SimpliSafe offers a DIY solution to simply “wrap [a sensor] in saran wrap or a plastic bag, and it will still work just fine [outdoors].” Though effective, I was looking to find a more elegant and long term solution to using my sensors outdoors and ensure they are genuinely weatherproof.

After some research, I discovered a well-established third-party solution to protect the sensors for outdoor use. Amazon offers a “weatherproof case” kit that can be installed almost anywhere outdoors. It is designed to house your sensor, thus protecting it from the elements, while still communicating with the sensor’s magnet.

Outdoor Uses for SimpliSafe Entry Sensors

Given the sensors’ functionality and outdoor use options that’s now available with the weatherproof case kit, you may be wondering: how can this technology be applied for outdoor use?

Though the primary function is intended for indoor use (windows, medicine cabinets, doors, etc.), the outdoor applications can help provide even more security for your home setup.

Additional Outdoor Security

Many people have discussed the need for an increase not only in home security but safety as well. For example, the SimpliSafe Entry Sensors can be used if you have a pool gate or fenced off area requiring monitoring.

If you have toddlers or young children or just want to protect your pool’s security, a sensor can be placed on the corresponding fence to provide alerts should anything breach the monitored area. This will also ensure that users will be alerted if your child is dangerously close to your pool.

Mailbox Notifications

Another creative outdoor application for the sensors is in your mailbox. Users can not only be notified once their mail arrives or has been picked up but can also monitor for potential tampering in an otherwise unmonitored area.

Considering the sensors’ low price points (as well as the fact that you can add up to 99 sensors to your system), the outdoor applications can provide an additional plethora of home security options for your family.

Alternative Doorbell

Having a backup doorbell may seem excessive at first, but being alerted to potential entry is crucial, even when your system is off. Fortunately, once you have disarmed your security system, the entry sensors will still send an alert if someone opens your door. This functionality is especially helpful for families with toddlers and young children who may decide to wander out of the house.

In Summary

Though the SimpliSafe entry sensors do not have native protection from outdoor elements right out of the box, there are still many creative solutions designed to provide this functionality. With the low upfront costs of the entry sensors, many of the third-party solutions (like Amazon’s weatherproof case) are ideal for allowing users to monitor areas outside their house as well. Once users overcome the initial hurdles of setting up their sensors outdoors, the applications for entry sensors are nearly limitless regarding keeping your home safe and secure.

SimpliSafe sensor not responding? It might not be because it’s outside; it may just be time to change the battery! Check out this article to learn more about what kind of batteries SimpliSafe entry sensors need and how to replace them.

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