Are SimpliSafe and Ring Compatible?

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SimpliSafe and Ring both offer DIY, wireless home security systems and doorbells, which can be purchased as packages or as individual products. As someone who likes to shop around for the best deals and features for my smart home devices, I wanted to know if I could mix-n-match and integrate both SimpliSafe and Ring devices in my home. 

Are SimpliSafe and Ring compatible? SimpliSafe and Ring devices are not compatible. They cannot communicate with each other in any way, but they can be used simultaneously in the same home on the same Wi-Fi network. 

While SimpliSafe and Ring devices are similar, there are some important differences as well. I looked into the details of SimpliSafe and Ring products including the compatibility each offers with other devices to help myself and others make the best decisions for our smart homes. 

SimpliSafe and Ring Are Not Compatible

There is no way to integrate SimpliSafe and Ring in your home. In many ways, SimpliSafe products and Ring products offer consumers the same things, and therefore, they are direct competitors in the smart home market. Offering compatibility would not benefit their businesses. 

SimpliSafe’s creators state that they are not focused on integration with other products when designing and improving SimpliSafe devices. They’re focused on making, as the name suggests, simple devices. So, we should not expect SimpliSafe and Ring compatibility in the future. 

Benefits of Compatibility

I think product integration is one of the best features of smart home devices, and there would be several benefits to a future SimpliSafe and Ring integration.

For example, if you have a SimpliSafe system and a Ring video doorbell, you could disable your home’s alarm remotely when a dog walker or cleaning service arrives. If your SimpliSafe system includes a Smart Lock, you could even unlock the door for them. 

If you have a SimpliSafe system and use the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro, it will automatically record video if the following things happen at your home: 

  • When your system is being armed and disarmed.
  • If an alarm goes off. 
  • If the panic button is pressed.
  • If power to the doorbell is lost and then restored. 

These automatic recordings triggered by SimpliSafe are not possible with a Ring doorbell.

Of course, you can purchase a new doorbell through SimpliSafe if you want your doorbell to be integrated with your home security system, but if you already own both Ring and SimpliSafe devices, it would be very convenient to connect the devices rather than buying a different version of a product you already own. 

SimpliSafe and Ring Can Work Simultaneously

Most of SimpliSafe’s products use a built-in cellular connection that does not interfere with or add traffic to your home’s Wi-Fi network. The only SimpliSafe devices that require a Wi-Fi connection are the Video Doorbell Pro and SimpliCam. These devices must be connected to your home’s 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. 

Ring devices all connect using Wi-Fi. All Ring products use a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network except the Video Doorbell Pro and Video Doorbell Elite which can also use a 5 GHz Wi-Fi network. The 5 GHz network is generally less crowded with other devices. 

Depending on what specific products you have, it is possible for you to have SimpliSafe and Ring devices in your home operating on completely seperate networks. Even if they are sharing a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, they can work simultaneously. 

SimpliSafe Users

If you already own a SimpliSafe home security system and want to purchase a W-Fi-enabled video doorbell, SimpliSafe offers the Video Doorbell Pro. You can purchase it online using this link. This is SimpliSafe’s only doorbell option and the only video doorbell that is able to interact with a SimpliSafe home security system. 

SimpliSafe home security system

While this doorbell is SimpliSafe user’s only option, it’s not a bad one. Here’s how it compares to the Ring Video Doorbell Pro:

SimpliSafe Video Doorbell ProRing Video Doorbell Pro
Live View of Camera StreamYesYes
Video Recording With monthly subscriptionIncluded with purchase
2-way AudioTake turns speaking and listeningSpeak and listen simultaneously 
Video Resolution1080p HDR1080p HD
Motion DetectionSelectable motion detection areas with adjustable sensitivity for day and nightCustomizable motion detection areas with adjustable sensitivity
Field of View180° horizontal, 110° vertical160° horizontal, 90° vertical
Night VisionInfrared lightInfrared and color light
Wifi Connectivity 2.4 GHz2.4 GHz or 5 GHz
Power SourceHardwired to existing doorbell systemHardwired to existing doorbell system

SimpliSafe Compatibility

SimpliSafe’s works with: 

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • Apple Watch

You must be subscribed to the SimpliSafe Interactive Monitoring Plan to access these integration features. 

SimpliSafe users can arm their SimpliSafe system using their voice and integrate SimpliSafe into their home’s automation routines. For instructions on how to enable the SimpliSafe Home Control skill on an Alexa or Google Home and a list of voice commands, follow this link.

For security reasons, disarming SimpliSafe through voice control is not available.

You can also control SimpliSafe through your Apple Watch giving you quick access to your system from anywhere. 

SimpliSafe is not compatible with any other smart home products. 

Ring Users

Ring Video Doorbell was the original Wi-Fi-enabled doorbell. Now, there are many competitors, and Ring has multiple video doorbell options. They are:

Ring Video Doorbell

If you already own a Ring doorbell and you are in the market for a home security system, it makes sense to go with Ring Alarm because you can easily integrate it with the doorbell you already own. 

Ring also offers their own security cameras. There are several options. Click here for a product comparison table to help you determine which Ring cameras are best for your home security needs. 

Ring Compatibility

Ring offers an impression list of compatible products from various manufacturers. Compatible devices include sirens, sensors, lights, and smart outlets. This webpage lists all compatible devices except for smart locks which are listed separately here.

Ring devices are also compatible with Amazon Alexa devices. You can perform several functions using voice control including speaking to someone who rings your doorbell and viewing your live stream. 

For instructions on how to connect your Ring and Echo devices and more details about compatibility, check out this article

Ring is not compatible with Google Home products.

Choosing SimpliSafe or Ring

When determining which smart home security system is best for you, there are several additional factors to consider. The table below further compares the two systems to help you make the right choice for your home. 

SimpliSafeRing Alarm
ProductsCheckUse this link to shop the 14 products SimpliSafe sells.Click here to shop the 7 Ring Alarm products.
PackagesOffers 4 packages ranging from 6 to 13 devices and the option to completely customize your own package.Offers 3 packages ranging from 5 to 14 devices and devices sold individually.
Professional MonitoringTwo optional monthly subscription plans with video monitoringTwo optional monthly subscription plans which do not provide video monitoring
Camera OptionsIndoor OnlyIndoor and Outdoor
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