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Are Samsung TVs Android?

Last Updated Aug 19, 2022
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Most of us know that every “smart” device like smart televisions, smartphones, computers, etc., runs on specific software. With Android mobiles, we know that they run on Android and that iPhones run on iOS. But what of Samsung TVs? Do they run on Android or some other operating system? After all, Samsung phones and tablets run on Android.

Samsung smart TVs do not run on Android. Rather, they operate on Orsay OS or Tizen OS for TV, depending on the year the TV was manufactured.

However, you can make your Samsung smart TV function as Android by using an HDMI cable to connect external hardware. Keep reading to learn more.

Do Samsung TVs Run On Android?

You can always wonder if Samsung TVs work on Android like Samsung devices. If you have ever used a Samsung TV, you probably have noticed some similarities in its operating system and how your android phone operates. However, Samsung TVs don’t run on Android.

Samsung has its operating system that they use for televisions, watches, and smart hubs—Tizen. Although Samsung phones and tablets use Android, most other Samsung devices exclusively use Tizen OS.

However, this hasn’t always been so. The go-to operating system for these Samsung devices was Orsay OS before. In 2015, Samsung announced that their Smart TVs would now run on Tizen OS, then a newly introduced operating system backed by Linux.

For this reason, do not be surprised if your Samsung TV has Orsay OS. If your TV were manufactured before the switch, you would find that it runs on Orsay OS. This is not a problem as it will still work well.

One thing you have to note is that Android TVs are different from Smart TVs. These differences will be discussed in the next section.

Differences Between Android TVs and Smart TVs

In the previous section, there has been a mention of how Android TVs are different from Smart TVs. This might seem weird as many people conflate them for each other. However, they are different.

One thing is that all Android TVs are smart. To start with, let’s look at their respective definitions. The Wikipedia definition of a smart TV “is a traditional television set with integrated Internet and interactive Web 2.0 features, which allows users to stream music and videos, browse the internet, and view photos.” Smart TVs are a technological convergence of computers, televisions, and digital media players. In contrast, an Android TV is a Smart TV that runs on an Android operating system.

From that, it is obvious that all Android TVs are just a subcategory of Smart TV. Android TVs running on Android allow you to download apps from the Google play store and also integrate your TV with Google Assistant.

The table below shows the differences between Android TVs and Smart TVs.

Android TVsSmart TVs
They all run on Google’s Android operating system.They can run on any operating system, be it Android, Tizen or any other OS.
Android TVs use Google voice assistantSmart TVs use what voice assistant that comes with the operating system. However, most don’t have any voice assistant support at all.
You can download Apps from the Google play store, which gives access to more Apps.You can only install Apps from the app store of the TV in question. This might lead to a more limited pool of Apps compared to Android TVs.
You can easily cast the screen from and to the TV using ChromecastCasting follows a more complicated process that depends on the OS of the TV.
They have a more complicated interface, especially for people not familiar with AndroidTheir user interface is simple
Android TVs have updates available at regular intervals to improve the running of the TVsMost Smart TVs lag in firmware updates, which might lead to issues and bugs down the line.

As seen, most of the good features of Android TVs come from their integration with the Google ecosystem. If you already have many devices running on Google and want to continue this, Android TVs are the clear option. However, other Smart TVs offer something different from the Google experience, and some, like Samsung’s Tizen, can hold up the candle to Android.

Which TVs Are Android?

As we’ve seen that Samsung TVs don’t work on Android OS, let us look at the Television brands that run on Android. Some of these are:

  • Sony
  • LG
  • Hisense
  • TCL
  • Phillips
  • Sceptre

In short, many of the most prominent Smart TV makers utilize Android as their choice operating system. This can be considered a wise choice as they don’t have to invest in building and maintaining their operating system.


In contrast to what one might assume at first glance, Samsung TVs are not Android. They run on Tizen OS, and pre-2015 versions run on Orsay OS. Both operating systems are made exclusively for Samsung devices like televisions and watches.

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