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Are Samsung TV Remotes Universal? Do They All Work?

Last Updated Feb 15, 2022
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Samsung seems to do a lot of things right. Their televisions are some of the top-rated models on the market, and they are world-renowned for their dependability, reliability, and high-quality products. But we all know, even the best television in the world is almost useless without its remote! So let’s find out a little bit about Samsung remotes; are they universal? And how well do they work?

Samsung’s remotes do not seem to live up to their top-tier reputation. The remotes are not universal, nor are they interchangeable. However, the silver lining is that you can control almost any Samsung TV from the SmartThings app on your smartphone or with an additional universal remote.

That is the quick and simple answer, but there are a few more things you might want to know about your Samsung TV remote. Such as how can you replace it if it’s lost or broken? Can you use it for a different Samsung remote if it’s for the same model? Read on to find out.

Are All Samsung TV Remotes Compatible and Interchangeable?

Your included remote is not interchangeable with other Samsung remotes and it is not compatible with any other Samsung TV models.

The remote that comes with your Samsung TV is specifically designed to work with your exclusive model number. Essentially that means that the remote will only work with that television or another television of the exact same model. That is pretty limiting as you may have a few different televisions in your home.

What Do I Do If I Lost my Samsung TV Remote?

The good news is, if you have lost your model’s specific remote, they are easily replaceable and can be found on the Samsung Parts website.

In order to make sure you order the correct replacement remote, you will need your model number. This number and letter sequence is easily accessible as it is written on the label on the back of your television.

If you have misplaced your remote controller and want to use your TV immediately, we recommend that you download and connect your television to the SmartThings app on your smartphone. If you want to know how to do this, go ahead and skip ahead a section and we will go through the step-by-step instructions.

Losing your Samsung TV remote also gives you the chance to invest in an even better universal remote! We’re going to figure out just which available models will work with your Samsung TV.

Which Universal Remotes are Compatible with my Samsung TV?

There are quite a few universal remotes available today that easily connect to almost every Samsung television. Here is a list of some recommended options for every budget:

  • Coolux: This is by far the most economical universal remote option; it can be purchased for less than $10 and was designed with Samsung in mind.
  • Logitech Harmony: While this company offers a variety of different universal options, it is pretty pricey. If you don’t need such a fancy gadget, it may be a little redundant.
  • Samsung Factory Remote: Samsung has not yet created a completely universal remote option. However, the Factory Remote will work with any Samsung TV, but only with one at a time.

There are several more universal remotes that could work with your home entertainment center, including your Samsung TV, and you can find most of them easily on Amazon. Just make sure they say “compatible with Samsung” before you purchase.

How Do I Use my SmartThings App as a Remote?

Whether you have your original Samsung TV remote, you have lost it and want to skip buying a new remote, or are waiting for one to be delivered, there is another, and arguably much easier way to control your television.

Samsung has made the user experience just a little bit better by creating the SmartThings app available on all Android and Apple smartphones. If you already have a Samsung smartphone, you will probably already have the SmartThings app installed on the phone. However, it’s accessible on almost every phone on the market.

To control your Samsung TV through your SmartThings app, all you need to do is connect the two.

  • Turn on your smart TV and open your SmartThings app.
  • On the app, select DEVICE, then HOME.
  • Select the location, select “+” and then ADD DEVICE.
  • Under BY DEVICE tab, select TV, then Samsung.
  • Click TV again, choose your location and room.
  • Select NEXT, and select the correct television.
  • The following prompts will depend on your smart TV model.

Now, your smart TV is connected and can easily be controlled by your phone!


Samsung TV remotes are not universal, interchangeable, or even compatible with other Samsung TVs. But they are slowly adjusting to the fact that people want easier ways to control their televisions.

You can now purchase a Samsung (almost) universal remote, universal remotes from most other major brands, or use your smartphone to control your Samsung TV.

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