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Are Samsung Speakers Good? We Compared Top Brands

Last Updated Sep 28, 2021
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Home entertainment has drastically changed over the past decade and speakers have come leaps and bounds from the original huge surround sound options. Now, even the smallest of speakers can have a big impact on your sound, and major brands have all created high-quality products to add a little oomph to your life. So where does Samsung stand in the speaker rankings?

Samsung speakers are absolutely some of the highest-ranking options on the market. Whether you want to purchase a television or a soundbar, consumers and experts agree: Samsung is the way to go.

Now even though we know that Samsung products produce great sound, how do they compare to other brands and what devices are they offering? We have all the data you need to make an informed purchase for your home.

Which Televisions Have the Best Sound?

One study has placed four Samsung televisions in the top fourteen best sounding televisions available today. The models they include are the Samsung The Sero, Samsung AU8000, Samsung QN90A QLED, and the Samsung TU7000 takes top place as best sound on a budget.

To compare the results with other big-name brands, they also named three LG models, three Sonys, two Hisenses, one Vizio, and one TCL.

It’s pretty clear that even though several brands have televisions on the list, Samsung has the most mentions as well as the best reviews for sound across the board.

However, even though television speakers are improving, they are usually quite small, so most consumers are not all too concerned because they are opting to use soundbars instead.

What is a Soundbar and Why are they so Popular?

The new addiction to soundbars might be one of those which came first, the chicken or the egg, scenarios. As televisions get thinner, speaker size is diminishing, and the sound is suffering. But people are still buying ridiculously expensive TVs knowing they have subpar speakers because they were already planning on purchasing a top-of-the-line soundbar.

Did companies start making soundbars because the consumers were unhappy with the television sound? Or did they allow the television speakers to become so small and ineffective so they could introduce a new product into the market? It’s hard to tell, but either way, it has happened and soundbars can now be found coupled with almost every television.

So if you are like everyone else and don’t care about your television’s speakers because you are looking to purchase a soundbar, you probably want to find out if Samsung Soundbars are the best choice compared to other brands.

Which Soundbars Have the Best Sound?

A lot of research has been done by sound experts to give the consumer what they need: a side-by-side comparison of every available soundbar. Unfortunately, although you can find dozens of numbered lists that break down exactly which is the best speaker on the market, they all seem to have different reviews.

Some lists don’t show Samsung Soundbars at all, instead favoring the Vizios and Sonos, whereas other lists have the Samsung models as the number one best sound system. If you want to do some deep digging, we encourage you to read them all and find out what truly works best for you.

However, if you want a quick breakdown to know a little more about soundbars, here’s what we’ve learned about the markets top-rated brands:

BrandNotable ModelsBudget-Friendly OptionsBig Budget, Big Quality OptionsConnection to Most TVs
VizioV Series V51x-J6 V21 M512a-H6 ElevateYesYesYes
SonosArc Beam PlaybarNoYesYes
SonyHT-G700 HT-SF150 HT-ST5000  YesYesYes
SamsungHW-A550 HW-S60A HW-Q900A HW-Q950AYesYesYes

As you can tell, most brands are offering the same things: great quality sound with both affordable and high-roller options that can easily connect to almost any television either via Bluetooth, HDMI, or ARC cables.

Roku, JBL, and Dali can also be found on the various lists of “best soundbars” as well as a few other smaller brands that are starting to make a name for themselves. If you want to read a little more about your options, we’ve found an extremely extensive list with descriptions of the top seventeen soundbars here.


So are Samsung speakers good? They certainly are. Most user-reviews agree that they are extremely happy with their Samsung speakers either on their televisions or through their soundbars.

There seems to be a bit of a multi-way-tie happening across the board when it comes to top-ranking, affordable speaker systems. But even though Samsung isn’t necessarily “winning” they are definitely in the race.

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