In many ways, dogs were the original home security systems since they would act as surveillance and alert humans when another animal or person was nearby. But what about robot dogs or pets? Could they become a top choice for home security in the future?

Robot pets can be used for home security. They have many of the same features as smart home security systems such as cameras, sensors, and remote access through an app. However, robot pets currently lack some essential features of smart home security systems such as affordability and professional monitoring.

While the concept of robot security is not new, the technology still has a long way to go for robot pets to be a viable option for home security. This post will help you stay up-to-date on the progress of robot pets, including their abilities and pricing.

Are Robot Pets the Future?

The widespread use of smart pets for home security seems like a logical development for the future. There are already many different types of robot pets on the market. Like home security systems, some robot pets can record video and audio, use motion sensors, and can be remote controlled. Many smart robot pets even have facial recognition.

On the other hand, some people may find robot pets to be creepy or an invasion of privacy; this may play a factor in their popularity as home security devices in the future.

Can Smart Pets Keep You and Your Loved Ones Safe?

Many robot pets can be accessed remotely using a free app, just like smart home security systems; this allows you to monitor your home yourself through the robot’s cameras and sensors.

However, some of the features common in smart home security are not available yet with robot pets. For example, robot pets do not come with professional monitoring; this means you may miss some important events that occur in your home. With self-monitoring, your home and loved ones may not be completely protected.

In other words, expect your home security to be more similar to that offered by DIY smart security systems rather than professional systems from by security companies like ADT or Vivint.

Also, some robot pets may not be able to record or save video and audio, although they have cameras. However, we expect we will see more smart pets with recording capabilities in the future.

What Else Can Robot Pets Do?

Robot pets also make great toys for kids and teens. Many of them are programmable, which is an excellent opportunity for young people to learn to code. For younger children, there are robot pets that are made to look and feel like real pets. This way, your child can cuddle with the pet.

Other robot pets can act as virtual assistants such as the Vector Robot by Anki. This robot assistant moves on its own using motion detection and cameras. It can perform a range of tasks via voice command, such as taking pictures, setting reminders, and controlling other smart home devices.

We will most likely see other robots with these types of smart home skills on the market in the future, if not for security.

Robot Pets Currently on the Market

Boston Dynamic’s robot dog is the premium pet robot on the market today. It truly represents the future of what robot pets can become. The robot dog, named Spot, can move around autonomously indoors and outdoors. It can even climb stairs and perform specific tasks. Some cities and companies around the world have already started using Spot for security.

With the current price of Spot costing more than a new car, it’s unlikely that this type of robot security dog will be used in homes on a large-scale any time soon. However, we hope that we will see this technology become more accessible in the future.

Sony Aibo

There is another, much cheaper robot pet on the market by Sony. It’s called Aibo, and it’s adorable. Aibo has facial recognition and can patrol your home; you can set Aibo to patrol specific areas at specific times. It will notify you if movement is detected in the area or if certain people are recognized.

Robot Pet Baby Monitors

For parents, there are robot pet baby monitors such as the Geeni Smart Home Pet and Baby Monitor. This smart pet is a great way to keep your young children safe while they are in bed. It offers excellent security features such as night vision, two-way audio, video recording, and motion alerts.

It’s important to note that a child should never be left alone with a robot pet outside of a crib. Robot pets are not meant to replace babysitters.

Is a Robot Pet Right for Your Home?

A robot pet is also a significant investment, so purchasing one should be considered carefully.

Here’s an overview of the factors to consider when deciding if a robot pet is right for you now or in the future:

  • Comfortability with robot technology
  • Privacy protection
  • The price of the robot
  • The robot’s monitoring abilities
  • The size and shape of the space you want to monitor: You may need multiple robot pets for larger homes to ensure your space is fully protected.

Final Thoughts

Technology changes so fast that it’s hard to predict what will happen in the future. However, based on the current trends in robotics and smart home security, it is easy to see how smart robot pets for security could become a staple in many homes.