When we install Ring Alarms to our home, we expect them to keep us safe. If an intruder can easily destroy the device, how safe are we?

Are Ring alarms smash proof? The base stations for the Ring Alarms are smash proof. If something should happen to your Ring base station, it does not disconnect the rest of your Ring system.

The Ring Base Station helps to power the alarm system. If an invader gets ahold of it, you can still rest easy in knowing that the rest of your alarm system will continue to work for you.

Are Ring Alarms Smash-Proof?

The base station’s alarm is considered smash proof. The Base Station will send out a help signal if something should happen. It has an internal damage sensor inside of it and with it being professionally monitored you will get help immediately.

Your Ring App also notifies you if there is an entry delay if the system is armed. This lets you know that someone who does not have the code to the alarm system to shut it off has entered your home.

We know that the Ring Base Station is a major key player in the protection of your home. What are the other components of the alarm system?

What Makes Up the Ring Alarm System?

The Ring Alarm system has many moving parts to it to keep your family safe. Since Ring works with Amazon’s Alexa, you are able to voice commands at your system to make your life easier. The Ring Alarm package comes with:

  • Base Station: Connects all of the components of your security systems. Should the power or wi-fi go down, the battery will kick in for up to 24 hours. You can back up your data cellularly.
  • Keypad: You can add multiple keypads around your home to control your system wherever you want. The keypad works on batteries and they can become portable too, in case you do not want to mount them.
  • Contact Sensor: Place the contact sensors on the door or window frames. Any entry point in the house that you feel should have a contact sensor will do. Always know when they are open.
  • Motion Sensor: Will let you know when there is movement in your home. You can add them to every room if you choose to.
  • Range Extender: It extends the security coverage signal from the Base Station to the other Ring components. Not only does it extend the signal, but it also keeps the signal strong.

All of these components come in Ring’s Alarm Security Kit that has three total packages that suit any type of property you have:

 5-Piece Kit10-Piece Kit14-Piece
Base StationYesYesYes
KeypadYesYes2 Keypads
Contact SensorYes5 Contact Sensors8 Contact Sensors
Motion DetectorYes2 Motion Detectors2 Motion Detectors
Range ExtenderYesYesYes
Ideal SpaceUp to 1,000 sq. ft.1,000-2,000 sq. ft.2,000+ sq. ft.

With the Ring Alarm system, you can install it yourself with no professional help. The Ring App will take you step by step on how you will set your system up and where you should place your contact sensors.

If you are opt-in for the 24/7 professional monitoring, you will have around the clock help should something happen, and the authorities will be notified immediately. The average call response time is 30 seconds.  The 24/7 professional monitoring subscription is available for all 50 states.

If you choose not to subscribe to the professional monitoring, you will continue to get notifications and control your system wherever you are.

The subscription helps with:

  • Break-Ins and Burglaries
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide
  • Floods and Freezing Temperatures

Add-On Equipment

With the Ring Alarm Security Kit, it may have three packages to choose from, but you are able to add on more equipment as you see fit. For example, if you choose the 5-Piece Kit, you can add another contact sensor if you need to.

You are able to connect different Ring cameras to your Ring Alarm. Those cameras include:

  • Indoor Cam
  • Stick Up Cam
  • Spotlight Cam
  • Floodlight Cam

Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices are also compatible. This gives you the freedom to control when your alarm is armed or disarmed by voice commands.

  • Echo Dot
  • Echo
  • Echo Show 5
  • Echo Show 8

More Ring add-on equipment for your Ring Alarm includes:

  • Alarm Smoke and CO Listener: The fire department will be sent for every carbon dioxide incident that you come across.
  • Alarm Flood and Freeze Sensor: This device will sense for leaks of water and any freezing temperatures.
  • Dome Siren: If you Base Station is set downstairs and it is hard for you to hear as you get further away, the Dome Sirens will echo the siren around your home.
  • Panic Button: The Ring Panic Button that you can press if you need the authorities to be sent and you cannot get to the phone.