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Are Night Owl Cameras Good?

Mar 18, 2020
Smart light motion sensor in patio while raining.

When you buy a Night Owl camera you want everything to be right with it. Admittingly, you know that some security cameras may not be as good as they say they are, and you want a clear-cut answer.

Are Night Owl cameras good? Yes, they are. Here a few reasons as to why you should consider a Night Owl camera:

  • Offers Analog, DVR and NVR security systems.
  • No monitoring or storage fees.
  • You can access live footage on the mobile app.

Picking a security camera that hits every point on your lists is crucial to the safety of your property. There are a couple of cons with the Night Owl, but the security cameras give you what you need to secure your home.

Pros of the Night Owl Cameras

The Night Owl security system has features that many individuals are looking for when searching for a great security system.

The most sought-after features of a security camera include:

  • No monitoring or storage fees
  • Access live video footage on Night Owl Connect app
  • Access all of your video footage on the Night Owl Connect app
  • Has 2TB of HDD storage preinstalled
  • Backwards compatibility
  • HD Night Vision
  • Budget-friendly
  • Two-way audio
  • Motion detection
  • Wide field of view
  • You can either choose DIY or professional installation
  • Choice of Analog, DVR and NVR security system

You can install your own Night Owl security system since they make the steps easy enough for you to follow. They offer instructional videos and how-to guides to help you along the way. If you would rather have a professional install your system, they can arrange for that to happen.

Their company has a customer service line that is open 24/7 to answer any questions you may have at any time.

Some of their NVR and DVR systems can hook up to 8 sometimes even 16 cameras at a time. The NVR system has built-in wi-fi so that you can check any of the recorded footage on your smartphone or computer. Receivers that can support 8 cameras come with more storage than the receiver with 4 cameras.

Night Owl security has different security camera systems that let you decide how many cameras and what receiver you would like to have.

The two-way audio feature lets you talk to the person on the other side of the camera. The special motion sensor will reduce the number of false alarms there are, for example, if a bird flies past your camera it will not alert you.

When you go to purchase any of their standalone cameras, they are waterproof and have the capacity to work indoors and outdoors. The cameras themselves can view images as far as 100 ft.

The Night Owl HD app will allow you to:

  • View live footage
  • Receive notifications
  • Change the names of each camera
  • Share photos and videos to friends, family, and social media

Cons of the Night Owl Cameras

Night Owl security is a new security company that started in 2003. Some would consider this a con as they are just beginning to tap into the security technology industry. However, Night Owl did not register with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) until June 4th, 2012.

Their rating so far is a C+ with the BBB and the reviews on Amazon average out to 2-star ratings.

Even though their customer service line is open 24/7, there have been complaints about their reps. Some of those complaints include:

  • Long hold times
  • Customer service reps offering a callback but never do
  • Argumentative customer service rep

Choosing the Night Owl system does not have professional monitoring. So, if something does happen and the alarms go off, the authorities are not automatically contacted. Look for a monitored security surveillance system if you wish for the authorities to be notified.

If you wish not to use wi-fi all the time for your NVR system that is possible, but you will not be able to check your live footage at any time.

The security cameras do not have recorded audio. The microphone that is available only works for the DVR system with 4 cameras.

The cost of the DVR system is less than the NVR system. These systems are harder to set up because they have to be connected to the DVR with different cables.

Night Owl has not integrated the smart home feature. So, this means that you cannot use any voice commands, but this to someone who does not care for that would not mind the security cameras. This means you will not be able to use:

  • Amazon’s Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • Apple HomeKit

Even though the cameras are weatherproof, there have been complaints that when the weather got too bad, they ran into issues. Other complaints deal with the software that crashes every now and then and the Night Owl HD app.

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