Are Lorex Cameras Weatherproof?

Installation of Lorex cameraInstallation of Lorex camera

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If you are using Lorex security cameras to monitor your home or business, you will want to monitor doorways and outside spaces to make sure you are completely protected. Since you will be installing cameras outside, you will need to know if Lorex cameras are weatherproof.

Are Lorex Cameras Weatherproof? Most of Lorex outdoor cameras are fully weatherproof with either an IP66 or IP67 weatherproof rating. This means they are protected from dust, heavy rain, and snow. Lorex indoor cameras and outdoor cameras with an IP65 rating are not fully weatherproof.

I was previously unfamiliar with the weatherproof rating system, so I did some research to learn more about exactly what it means for a camera to have an IP66 or IP67 weatherproof rating and what that means for our Lorex outdoor cameras.        

Most Lorex Outdoor Cameras Are Weatherproof

There are three main factors when determining if an outdoor camera is weatherproof.

  • Resistance to dust
  • Resistance to liquid
  • Resistance to cold

Lorex outdoor cameras that have weatherproof ratings of IP66 and IP67 are fully weatherproof. They are resistant to dust, heavy precipitation, and temperatures as high as 120 degrees and as low as -20 degrees.

While these outdoor cameras can withstand a strong rain storm, they cannot be fully submerged in water such as during a flood.

Some Lorex Cameras Are Not Weatherproof

Lorex outdoor cameras with a rating of IP65 are weather resistant but not weatherproof. These cameras are resistant to water being sprayed on them from all directions, but they are not resistant to water with pressure such as heavy rain.

Cameras with an IP65 rating can be used outdoors under a porch or awning, but they should not be installed in a place where they may be directly exposed to precipitation.

Lorex indoor cameras should not be used outside as they are not weatherproof or weather resistant.

Understanding the Weatherproof Ratings

The IP rating, which stands for Ingress Protection, ranges from IP00 to IP68. The rating covers two different factors in weatherproofing- dust and liquid.

You should think of the two-digit rating as actually being two seperate numbers. The first number indicates how resistant the camera is to dust, and the second number indicates how resistant it is to liquids.

The dust resistance rating ranges from zero to six. Zero indicates no protection from outside particles. Six indicates full protection from outside particles.

The water resistance rating ranges from zero to eight. Zero means the device has no protection from liquid. Eight means that the device can be consistently submerged in water up to 13 feet deep.

IP66 and IP67 Weatherproof Ratings

Devices must be tested in order to receive their IP rating. An IP66 rating tells us that a camera was able to withstand strong water pressure from all directions for at least three minutes with no water damage.

An IP67 rating usually indicates that a device can be temporarily submerged in water up to three feet deep for up to 30 minutes. However, Lorex states on their website that none of their cameras are submersible.

While I do not recommend testing the Lorex cameras’ IP67 rating, you can definitely install these cameras in an exposed outdoor area without worrying about them being damaged by the elements.

Want to know more about IP ratings? Lorex has a handy table to help you fully understand what each IP rating means.

Lorex Cameras

In addition to weatherproof cameras, Lorex home security systems have a lot to offer such as:

  • NVR and DVR systems
  • Wireless systems
  • Alexa and Google Home compatible systems
  • Cameras with built-in sirens to deter intruders
  • Cameras with color night vision up to 150 feet
  • Cameras with two-way audio
  • Cameras that can be rotated remotely up to 355 degrees and tilted remotely up to 120 degrees to increase field of vision

What stands out about Lorex versus other smart home security systems is that they focus solely on cameras. They do not offer professional monitoring, motion sensors, video doorbells, or other common smart home security products.

This specialization means that Lorex can focus all of their resources on making high-quality security cameras, and they have.

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Alternative Weatherproof Security Cameras

Now that you have a better understanding of weatherproof ratings and what they mean, you may be curious about how other popular smart home security cameras stack up. I know I was, so I made a table to compare the weatherproof ratings of some popular outdoor security cameras.

 IP RatingTemperature Range
Arlo Pro and Arlo GoIP65-4° to 113°F
Arlo Pro 3 and Arlo UltraIP65-4° to 140°F
Ring Spotlight CamIP55-22° to 120°F
Ring Floodlight CamIP56-4° to 113°F
Nest Cam OutdoorIP65-4° to 104°F
Nest Cam IQ OutdoorIP66-40° to 113°F
Vivint Outdoor ProIP65Not listed
Armcrest UltraHD and ProHD Outdoor CamerasIP67-22° to 122°F
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