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Are Hisense TVs Good For Gaming?

Last Updated Dec 11, 2021
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Do you love playing video games and need an excellent TV to enjoy the best thrilling experience? Indeed, Hisense makes affordable models, but you should know more about their performance. If you do end up buying a Hisense TV for your gaming activities, is it likely to perform well?

In general, most Hisense TV models are good enough for gaming. The company also manufactures products to compete with established brands. Users can expect decent performance at lower prices like expensive choices available in the market. 

Continue reading this post to learn if Hisense can offer a product that suits your needs and if there are multiple products, which models you should consider.

Is Hisense a good TV Brand for Gaming?

As a whole, Hisense is a good brand for budget gaming TVs. The display panels featured in most Hisense TVs offer good color, contrast, sharpness, and excellent display performance in their game modes. Folks love this relatively new brand because of its innovative features.

The image quality is the main criterion for determining the caliber of a display and other parameters related to the gaming performance. Other prominent factors include the input lag, the refresh rate, and support for HDR.

Which Are Top Hisense TVs for Gaming? 

We selected the below models for gaming after combing through various available choices.  

Hisense U8G ULED Smart TV

The flagship Hisense product is the U8G ULED Smart TV. It can display 4K resolutions at a 120 Hz refresh rate. The U8G can also vary the refresh rate to adapt better to different types of content displayed on the screen. In the game mode, the input lag stays well within 15ms (milliseconds) at most resolutions, which is outstanding by any measure.

It means an ultra-smooth gaming experience that enables users to make the most of their abilities, which might negatively affect when the input lag is high. The TV is fully HDR-compatible so that users can enjoy bright, vibrant, and incredibly detailed pictures on the screen.

If you would like to learn more about Hisense, take a look at this article.

Hisense U7G QLED Smart TV 

The Hisense U7G QLED Smart TV is almost the same as the U8G’s performance. However, it is among the latest and cheaper options with the same capabilities as the U8G. It trails the U8G in some areas, especially when it comes to gaming performance.

Hisense H9G ULED Smart TV 

The next best Hisense TV for gaming is the H9G ULED Smart TV. It does not have variable refresh rate technology. Other than that, it has much the same performance and capabilities as the U8G. The H8G is the next-generation product in the Hisense series that can be considered viable for gaming. 

It performs well in terms of input lag and has excellent HDR compatibility. However, it is limited to a refresh rate of 60 Hz at 4K resolutions.

The models discussed above are most suitable for use as gaming. The U8G and the U7G are high-end TV models for having maximum fun. The H9G can be considered the mid-ranger, and the H8G is the entry-level gaming TV. Both are the best budget models amongst their competitors.

What Kind Of TV Is Best For Gaming?

The best Hisense TV for gaming is the H9G ULED Smart TV. The lack of variable refresh rate capability is not likely to hurt performance while gaming. It is cheaper than the U8G and has a similarly low input lag along with an impressive 120 Hz native refresh rate. 

All major HDR standards, including HDR10, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision HDR, are supported by the H9G. The integration of Dolby Atmos in the device guarantees an unparalleled auditory experience. Connectivity elements like Bluetooth, WiFi as well as Ethernet come as standard. Hands-free voice control is built-in for increased convenience.  

Because the device runs on the Android operating system, users can access a vast library of apps and games in the Google App Store. Additional features include parental controls, closed captions, HDMI, and Chromecast. 

The device is available in both 55-inch and 65-inch models. It has good build quality with minimal flex in the plastic. The border around the TV is metallic to give it a premium feel. 

Does Hisense TV Support 120 FPS?

The Hisense H9G ULED Smart TV, the U7G QLED Smart TV, and the U8G ULED Smart TV can display up to 120 frames per second. Their displays support a 120 Hz refresh rate, which means the system supplies the input signal powerful enough to maintain the best quality. 

Some models support up to 60 Hz refresh rate, so do not expect 120 frames per second. A 120 fps gameplay/playback is supported only by high-end and mid-range TVs.


Finding the best TV for gaming can be a tricky experience. The more popular brands have expensive products, which can be out of one’s reach. However, Hisense TVs are economical without hugely compromising their performance and quality. As long as you want to avoid the lapse, investing in this brand would be a good choice for a gaming TV.

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