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Are Govee Lights Worth it? 6 Things To Think About

Last Updated Nov 16, 2022
LED string lights that are red, orange, yellow, and green.

You may have seen Govee lights advertised on TikTok by your favorite influencers, or perhaps you’ve seen them in your own searches for LED lights. So, are Govee lights really worth it?

With such a large online presence, it can be hard to decipher if Govee lights really live up to the social media hype. Keep reading for six things to think about before you buy.


Govee lights have some undeniably cool features. If you’re looking for something more than your basic LED lights, consider if these Govee features are something you want:

  • Wireless control
  • Sync with Music
  • Full-color spectrum
  • RGB technology

Now let’s take a look at these features to see if the Govee lights are worth it for you.

Wireless Control

All models of Govee lights can be controlled via WiFi from your phone, tablet, Google Home, or Alexa device, allowing you to control them from anywhere without manual switches or timers.

If your have a Fire TV cube, you can also control Govee lights with it, along with any other lighting you have in your home.

Sync with Music

You can set your Govee lights to brighten, dim, and change colors and patterns in sync with your music. 

This feature is fun if you’re using them to brighten up a party or decorate for the holidays


The Govee app allows you to select your lights’ colors from a spectrum rather than a set of preselected shades, allowing you to fully customize the ambiance of your space to your liking.

Govee lights are equipped with RGBIC technology that allows a single strip of lights to display more than one color at a time, smoothly transitioning from one color to another. 


If you’re feeling uncertain about what kind of lights you want, consider what kind of guarantees Govee offers on its products. 

Specifically, Govee offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of its products. That means that if you decide they’re not right for you within a month, you can return them for a full refund.

This guarantee makes it easy to try out Govee products without having to commit fully. You’ve probably made a purchase you regret in the past (hasn’t everyone?), and Govee gets that. 


You should consider what kind of lifespan you need from your lights. If you only need lights for one night, you can get whatever’s cheapest, but otherwise, lifespan is an important factor!

Govee offers a 12-month warranty on all of its products, meaning that if your lights stop working within a year of purchase they’ll send you a replacement for free. Nice!

Because most companies don’t want to give out products for free, you can assume Govee lights will last longer than a year at the minimum. If you don’t use them daily, they’ll last even longer. 


Depending on where you want to put your lights, there are some more qualities you should think about before you buy. 

Outdoor Lights

Govee offers a variety of outdoor lights, including strip lights, flood lights, and even car lights! Govee’s outdoor lights are water-resistant, but not waterproof. 

If you plan to keep your lights near water, consider if water-resistant will be enough. Or, if you plan to keep them somewhere dry and safe, consider if water-resistance is worth the extra cost. 

Indoor Lights

Govee also has a variety of different indoor lights, including…

  • TV lights
  • Gaming lights
  • Wall lights
  • Smart lamps
  • Guiding lights
  • Recessed lights

…and more! Govee almost surely has lights that will fit your needs indoors. Consider the area in which you need lights to help determine if Govee products could do the job.

However, because Govee offers such a wide variety of different products, they don’t offer many options for each type of light. For example, there is only one model of Govee recessed lights. 


The biggest thing that many shoppers consider is, of course, price. You’re looking for lights that fit your needs while also fitting into your budget. 

As far as lights go, Govee’s are pretty cheap given their quality. Other brands with the same features can get pretty pricey. 

However, you can get 100ft of LED strip lights from Ksipze for the same price as 16.4ft of Govee strip lights. Basically, you get what you pay for. 

Govee is more expensive than some other brands of LED light strips because of all the cool features, and because of their 12-month warranty. 

Other lights may be cheaper but probably won’t last as long as Govee lights, and they don’t have all of the features you get with Govee, either. 

Think about what’s important to you before buying. If you want the best of the best Govee might be for you, but if you prefer quantity over quality, there are definitely cheaper options out there. 


Speaking of quality, Govee’s reviews speak for themselves. 

Govee customers are consistently satisfied with their products, and Govee’s customer service is excellent at helping customers resolve any issues they run into.

So, Are Govee Lights Worth it?

TikTok was right. Given their features, quality, and price, Govee lights are definitely worth it. Although you can find cheaper lights, you really can’t find a better deal for lights this great.