Are Eufy Cameras Waterproof?

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Your home’s security doesn’t take a break during light showers or thunderstorms. As you consider your smart home security options, you may look for a camera that’s waterproof––meaning it can withstand inclement weather. Look no further than Eufy’s line of cameras.

Eufy’s cameras are more than waterproof. They have an ingress protection (IP) rating of IP67, meaning they can handle brief water immersion up to depths of 15 centimeters.

That being said, as long as it’s charged and connected to the internet, it will continue to record footage even when it gets wet. Continue reading more about Eufy’s cameras and how you can get the best possible user experience.

Are Eufy Cameras Waterproof?

Eufy Cameras are waterproof devices. In fact, these devices are so protected from water and moisture that they can even be submerged underwater at a depth of 15 centimeters.

Your Eufy Camera has a water-tight case that prevents water from damaging its electrical components. The case also stops particles of sand, dust, or dirt from getting inside the camera itself.

Does the Eufy Camera Get Damaged When Wet?

The short answer? No. An IP rating of IP67 is nothing to scoff at. Compared to other smart home cameras on today’s market, that’s a pretty high score. So, if your camera gets wet, it’ll continue working as usual.

However, here are some things to consider that can result in your device becoming damaged:

Gradual Wear and Tear

Your Eufy Camera will last for many years with proper care and maintenance. However, nothing lasts forever. If the protective casing cracks, this could let water in and damage its electrical circuits. 

If you notice a crack on your device, seal it with waterproof tape. Alternatively, if you just unboxed your device and noticed a problem, you can file a warranty claim and get a new one.

Extreme Temperatures

The plastic coasting on your Eufy Camera will likely expand and contract during certain times of the year. You might wonder whether this makes your device vulnerable to water. It doesn’t.

Your Eufy Camera can withstand temperatures from -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Hopefully, you don’t live in a place where it gets that hot.

However, it’s not uncommon for temperatures to dip below zero degrees during the winter. When that happens, you might consider taking your camera inside to prevent the plastic coating from cracking.

Poor Maintenance

When you unboxed your Eufy Camera for the first time, its lens was likely crystal clear. Over time, however, this can quickly change. Depending on the camera’s location, you should wipe the camera’s lens with a paper towel. Here, you can ensure that you get the best possible picture. You can also wipe away any water droplets that blur your recordings.

How to Protect Your Eufy Camera from Water Damage

Here’s the thing: most smart home appliances are, to some extent, water-resistant. Yet, Eufy is special because it’s both waterproof and resistant to dirt particles. Many cameras on today’s market do not have this rating.

However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the proper precautions to ensure your device is safe from water and moisture. The following are a few tips you can try to best protect your Eufy Camera from water damage:

Mount the Eufy Camera Under an Overhang

Eufy recommends that, for the best possible user experience, you install your camera about seven to 10 feet off the ground, away from direct sunlight. This will give you the best possible recordings at any time of the day or night.

Ideally, you should install your camera under an overhang, as well. While the device won’t be damaged if wet, you reasonably want the best possible picture. As noted, droplets of water can get on the lens and prevent you from getting clear recordings.

Take Down Your Camera During Severe Weather Conditions

If you live in an area where hurricanes, tropical storms, and blizzards are common, you should take your camera inside after learning about an approaching storm.

You might ask: “But why? Isn’t my camera waterproof?” The water from these storms will not harm your device. However, high-speed winds can knock your camera out of place, damage its protective casing, and make it vulnerable to water damage.

A Final Word

In short, your Eufy Camera is waterproof. To get the best possible user experience, make sure you routinely wipe down the camera and place it at least seven feet about the ground, under an overhang or other form of protective shelter.

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