Home security systems are very popular.  Because of technological advances and the ease of self-installation, they are commonplace in most homes. One option for home security is the Eufy Camera. Many people choose the Eufy camera because there is no subscription fee, and it is relatively easy to set up. 

Eufy Cameras do not have the capability of recording twenty-four hours a day.  The Eufy camera will only record when it is activated by motion. 

In this article, you will learn about the recording capability of the Eufy Camera and why it may be a good option for you. 

Eufy Recording Capabilities

The Eufy camera cannot record continuously, but it can record when the motion is activated. You can choose the length of time you would like the camera to record.  It can be set for between five and one hundred twenty seconds.  

Why Can’t it Continuously Record?

The Eufy camera cannot constantly record because it does not have enough memory to hold a lengthy recording. If it could record continuously, the camera would need to be hard-wired into the home and would likely be much more expensive to install and maintain. 

The Eufy Camera

The Eufy camera is very similar to other home security cameras, making them easy to install and maintain. Once you have purchased the cameras, you will need to install them in and around your home. 

A wireless connection is required for the cameras to work, so you will want to make sure they receive a strong signal when you position them. If they cannot properly receive a signal, they will be unable to record.  

You must install the cameras between seven and ten feet above the ground.  This height will provide a clear view of the area you hope to put under surveillance. The cameras are controlled with an app to be downloaded onto your phone.  Without the app, you will be unable to set up the cameras. 

Where Can You Use a Eufy Camera?

Eufy cameras are popular because they can be used both inside and out.  The most common locations to install cameras are: 

  • Ground floor doors and windows: It is wise to install security cameras near areas easily accessible from the ground level. The ground level is the most common location where burglars access a home. 
  • Central areas: Central areas in and around the home are popular places to install security cameras.  Installing a camera in a central area provides a greater opportunity to see activities occurring in and around your home. (Source: Vivint)
  • Driveway: A lot of activity can occur in the driveway of a home.  Not only will you be able to see vehicles in the driveway, but you will also be able to see anyone walking from the road toward your home.
  • Basement: The basement is another common area for break-ins to occur.  Typically, the basement entrance points are concealed, making it an appealing entry for burglars because they are less likely to be noticed.  Placing a security camera here can be burglars. 
  • Disconnected Buildings: If you have a garage or shed that is not attached to your home, it would be wise to place a camera in that area.  Detached locations are often the location burglars gravitate to because they are often away from the main traffic area of the home. 

There are likely many other locations in your home that you may feel deserve a dedicated security camera.  It is important that you strategically place the cameras so they are effective and you aren’t spending extra money on cameras that won’t be used. 

Where Can I Get a Eufy Camera?

If you are interested in purchasing Eufy Cameras for your home, you can easily find them at big-box retailers like; Walmart, Lowes, Best Buy, and Home Depot.  If going to the store isn’t your thing, you can purchase online directly through the company or on Amazon. 

Eufy Cameras come in many different options, which can be overwhelming.  The company has cameras with floodlights, solar-powered cameras, special package delivery cameras, and pet cameras that allow you to give treats to your furry friends. All of your security needs can be covered with a Eufy camera. 

Cost of Eufy Cameras?

Eufy cameras are more expensive than some other home surveillance cameras, but the bonus of not having a monthly subscription fee makes up for it.  When you purchase a Eufy Camera system, you can expect to spend between $24 – $600.  The more cameras you purchase, the higher your price will be.  

Security Features

A security camera is used because you want to keep your property and valuables safe and secure. Using devices controlled by wifi can leave some people on edge because of security issues.  The company provides very strong encryption for all video taken with Eufy cameras, making them very secure options.

What Does Encryption Do?

Encryption provides the safe transfer and storage of data.  In the case of Eufy, it allows safe transfer and storage of video footage.  Because there is a strong level of encryption, it makes it very difficult for hackers or anyone outside the owners of the cameras to access the data and information.  

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a security system that is easy to set up and doesn’t tie you into annual contracts, Efuy would be a great system for you.  The cameras do not record twenty-four hours a day, but any unwelcome visitors or acts will be caught on camera with motion detection.