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Are Echo Frames Waterproof?

Last Updated Jun 3, 2022

When using a new pair of smart frames, such as the Echo Frames, it is tempting to bring them everywhere. After all, users can make calls or listen to music with a simple voice command. They also do not need to lift a finger. When using the device at the gym, it can get a little dicey. People often wonder, are Echo Frames waterproof?

Echo Frames are not waterproof. Amazon explicitly states that these frames and lenses should not be placed under running water or submerged in water. This means users should be careful at the beach, by a pool, or bodies of water, as it may cause the Echo Frames to malfunction.

Now that you know you cannot go deep diving or to the beach with your Echo Frames, you are probably curious about what they are made out of, if you can use them for prescription lenses or sunglasses, and how to clean them without the use of water. Keep reading to find the answers you seek.

Composition of Echo Frames

The Echo Frames are not waterproof by design, making many users wonder what the frames are actually made of. This is a valid question because some products stand up better to water than others. This will also let users know just how quickly water needs to be wicked away if the frames accidentally contact water.

The Amazon Echo Frames are made out of carbon fiber, TR-90, and titanium. The glasses are lightweight, can stand up to moderate temperatures, and are likely to be comfortable for most with sensitive skin. It’s the computer components that will not react well to water.

Even though Echo Frames aren’t made with the right materials to be waterproof, not many people go swimming or do many activities with their glasses on. Continue reading to learn how to care for your Echo Frames if they do come into contact with water.

Caring for Your Echo Frames

Sometimes life happens, and your Echo Frames may get wet by accident. They may also get dirty and need to be cleaned up. Understanding how to properly care for your Echo Frames is important. Here is a list of care tips to keep in mind when using your Echo Frames and to elongate their useful life.

Echo Frames Are Wet

Life does happen. As we have mentioned previously if a rainstorm occurs that you were not expecting, your Echo Frames may get wet. Other unforeseen scenarios may also cause water to get on your Echo Frames. Instead of panicking, stop, take a breath, and follow these easy steps to mitigate the potential damage:

  1. Remove yourself from the cause of the water. Get out of the pool, the rain, or move away from whatever is getting your Echo Frames wet.
  2. Find a soft cloth and gently pat the Echo Frames down. If you do not have any cloth, a soft t-shirt or a similar style of cloth will do.
  3. Wait for 24 hours before charging the Echo Frames. This will ensure the charging port has time to dry out completely and will prevent them from short-circuiting due to water damage.

When they are dried off, pop them back on the charger and wear them as per usual. They should live through a little bit of rain. If they drop in the toilet or pool, you may be on the market for a new pair.

If you’re wearing your Echo Frames to help with reading on your Kindle Oasis poolside or at the beach, you might be better off adjusting the settings on your Kindle Oasis since that is waterproof.

Since there are special things to do when the Echo Frames get wet, you might be wondering how to clean them.

Cleaning Your Echo Frames

If you get your Echo Frames dirty, do not rush over and shove them in the sink. You will destroy your tech, and it will be a really sad time overall. Proper eyeglass cleaning does not use water and is sensitive to the lenses and the frames overall. Follow these steps to clean your Echo Frames without doing any permanent damage properly:

  1. Wash your own hands and dry them before cleaning your glasses to prevent more dirt or grime from getting on your lenses or frames.
  2. Grab a liquid lens cleaner or a lens cleaning wipe.
  3. Use a microfiber cloth or other soft cloth to rub the cleaner in the lenses gently. If using a wipe, just use that.
  4. Use a soft dry cloth to take off any excess cleaner.

You now have a pair of clean Echo Frames.

Water can clean many things, but it should not clean a pair of Echo Frames. It can hurt the battery and the chipset or fry the frames. Keep to classic lens cleaners and soft cloths. Always avoid lotion tissues, as they make more of a mess.

Prescription Lenses in Echo Frames

Now that you know the frames are not completely waterproof, your next question is likely whether or not you can use prescription lenses in the glasses. After all, if they can’t get wet and can’t use prescription lenses, they become glorified designer accessories. Luckily, Amazon is more innovative and has included special compatibility with its frames.

Amazon allows users to buy Echo Frames that are compatible with prescription lenses. This means that they have more use than just cool hands-free tech. Remember that these frames are not waterproof, though, and will not stand up as well at the beach or pool as a pair of regular frames. Save these frames for use at work, at home, or on a safe night out. 

Sunglass Lenses in Echo Frames

Just because you have cool technology does not mean you should not protect your eyes from the sun and the damage it can do to them. Luckily, Amazon has made it so users can buy Echo Frames as sunglasses.

You can look good outside while protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays and allowing you to stay in touch with your smart device hands-free. It’s a win-win. Just be careful around water.

Sunny Days and Cool Shades

Echo Frames are just not meant for the water. Buy a set with sunglass lenses, get outside and enjoy the sunny days with them instead. They are a valuable asset to any tech-lovers collection. They truly help make life easier with a hands-free tech option that is easy to wear and stylish too.

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