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Are Blink Doorbells Better Than Ring? The Ultimate Comparison.

Last Updated Jul 21, 2022
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With the two best Amazon doorbells, it is not unusual to wonder which of them is better when you want to choose between them. After all, who doesn’t always want the best option for themselves?

The short answer? Ring Video doorbells are better than Blink doorbells. This is not surprising as Blink Doorbells are a budget offering while Ring doorbells focus more on quality.

Now, let’s deeply dive into the similarities and differences between both Amazon doorbells.

Blink Doorbell Vs Ring Doorbell

As there are different types of Ring doorbells and one type of Blink doorbell, this comparison will focus on the cheapest Ring doorbells, the Ring Video Doorbell wired.


Certain features are common to both Ring Video Doorbell Wired and Blink Video Doorbell, and the similarities are even more than the differences.

Some of these similarities are:

  • They are both easy to install: Both Blink video doorbells and all the Ring doorbells are very easy to install, and you can do this in under an hour.
  • Both have indoor and outdoor cameras: This allows you to communicate with someone outside while being able to monitor all that is going on there.
  • Both allow easy Alexa integration: As both Blink and Ring are owned by Amazon, both doorbells can be easily integrated into the Alexa ecosystem for an ultimate smart home experience.

Now, let’s look at the other features where the differences lie.


It is not easy to compare this as the Blink video doorbell is just one type while there are four Ring doorbells. However, the lone blink Doorbell edges it here as it costs $50, while the Ring doorbell starts from $60 for the cheapest product, which is the Ring video doorbell wired. It goes up to $500 for the Ring Video Doorbell elite. Both cost $3 per month as a subscription for one device and $10 for a whole household.

There is only one winner here, and it is Blink doorbell.


Blink video doorbell has a camera of 1080p HD recording in daylight and infrared HD in the dark. It also shoots all footage at 30 fps, has a 135° horizontal field of view and 80° vertical field of view, and captures still images of 640 × 360 resolution. In comparison, the Ring video doorbell wired also has 1080 HD daylight recording and infrared HD in the dark.

It, however, has a 155° horizontal field of view and a 90° vertical view. This allows it to capture feed at a wider angle than Blink.

Verdict: Ring video doorbell wired slightly edges it in camera and feed quality.


Ring Video Doorbell wired only supports a 2.4 GHz bank of WiFi. While this is not much of a problem as doorbells are often far away from the router, and 2.4 GHz is best for long-range connections, it is disappointing nonetheless that the option for 5 GHz doesn’t exist. Both doorbells have quick responsiveness, with less than two seconds between doorbell action and alert. Also, there is very little delay in audio transmission when you’re using two-way talk, so you’ll have no trouble communicating with anybody at the other end.


Both Blink video doorbell and Ring Video Doorbell wired lack free local storage, and you’ll have to pay up for Blink protect and Ring protect, respectively, if you want to access the video feed. However, with the Blink doorbell, you can avoid paying for the subscription by buying a Blink sync module and using a USB drive to save footage.

Both have motion detection and two-way talk. Also, they both have activity zones where you can customize your motion alerts. One place the Ring Video Doorbell Wired is superior to the Blink doorbell is Advanced motion detection. This feature allows you to map the area in the camera field of view where you want to get alerted where there is motion there.


Both doorbells can be connected wireless or wirelessly. With a wired connection, there is no reason to worry about your doorbell running out of power, as electricity will always be delivered to it. The Blink doorbell uses two AA batteries, while Ring uses a built-in rechargeable battery. The Ring Video Doorbell Wired has to be hardwired for you to get a chime on the doorbell press. Similarly, if you don’t hardwire your Blink doorbell, the only way you’ll get the notification when the doorbell is pressed is through your phone.


Both made by the same retailer, Ring and Blink doorbells are fundamentally different as Blink doorbells are made to be more affordable while Ring doorbells are higher-end products. When we consider affordability, the Blink doorbell is the go-to choice. However, Ring doorbells edge it when it comes to the camera and other features.

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