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Are All Eufy Cameras Compatible?

Last Updated Feb 2, 2022
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Eufy cameras are a line of security devices ideal for use in the home. There are indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras available. When installing home security with Eufy cameras, you may be wondering if they are all compatible with the system.

All Eufy cameras other than SoloCams and wired cams are compatible with the released versions of Homebase, Eufy’s security system base. Not all Eufy cameras are compatible with select other devices to enhance home protection.

If you are interested in purchasing Eufy cameras, read on below to find out more about their compatibility.

Are All Eufy Cameras Compatible?

Eufy is a sub-brand of Chinese electronics company Anker. It specializes in the manufacturing of smart home appliances and security devices. These include battery-powered cameras, video doorbells, and wired cameras. When building a security network, camera compatibility is a priority, especially when using HomeBase.

The most popular Eufy cameras, including the original EufyCam, EufyCam E, and the EufyCam 2/2C/2 Pro/2C Pro range, are all compatible with HomeBase. The only exceptions are the SoloCams, which have not yet been given this function, and the wired cameras.

Eufy cameras do not have compatibility with the Eufy Wi-Fi Chime or the Wi-Fi Bridge. The connection the cameras establish with HomeBase involves the system acting as their Wi-Fi extender. The company plans to make the independent SoloCams compatible with HomeBase in the near future.

Can You Use Different Eufy Cameras for a Security System?

When creating a home security system, different devices will have to be linked to the same network. This ensures maximum protection and efficiency. Eufy provides several home security bundles to make this easier on you, apart from the help provided by HomeBase.

You can mix and match all Eufy cameras to create a home security system. The battery-powered options have more compatibility, but they can be combined with wired cameras or SoloCams. In this way, they can all perform their roles in keeping you safe.

Keep in mind that all battery-powered Eufy cameras will require one of the three HomeBase versions to be present for maximum functionality. Eufy cameras cannot be connected to normal Wi-Fi networks and require the system to establish an internet connection.

What Else Are Eufy Cameras Compatible With?

As expected, Eufy cameras are compatible with many other Eufy products. With so many smart home and home security devices available, you may wonder what else you can do with them.

You can enhance the protection of your home by taking advantage of what other services Eufy cameras can use. Here are the third main ones:

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • Apple HomeKit

The Eufy cameras can establish connections with these services. This will improve and extend their functionality with only a few straightforward installation steps.

How to Connect Eufy Cameras to Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit allows you to turn your home smart. It has great compatibility with Eufy cameras, especially with EufyCam 2/2C/2 Pro/2C Pro range and the Indoor Cam.

To connect to HomeKit with Eufy cameras, they will need to be linked to HomeBase. If applicable, you will be able to scan a QR code on the bottom of the HomeBase. This will allow it to easily be read by the iOS Home app.

If the QR code is unavailable, make sure your cameras are added to the Eufy Security App, then sync with Apple HomeKit from HomeBase.

How to Use Eufy Cameras with Alexa

If you’d like to set up access to voice-free commands and easy display to footage from Eufy cameras through Alexa, these are the steps to follow:

  • Make sure all the devices are turned on.
  • On your Alexa app, go More, then on the Your Skills category.
  • There, you can search for the term ‘Eufy security.’
  • Toggle the option to enable this skill.
  • Log into your Eufy account with your existing credentials.
  • You will then see Discovered Devices in your allocated rooms in the app.
  • Check that all the devices you want to use with Alexa are connected.

Once the setup is complete, you will be able to ask Alexa to show you what your cameras are seeing. You can even ask it to turn devices on or off when you’re not in range of them.

How to Connect Eufy Cameras to Google Assistant

To connect Eufy cameras to Google Assistant, you will go through the Google Home app on your smartphone. You should then navigate to the top right of the screen, where you will see a portrait icon.

Then go to Settings and select Add a Device, followed by Link a Device. Search for Eufy Security, which you should then find in the drop-down. Use your Eufy credentials to log in when prompted.

If you have 2FA protection on the Google account, you will also be asked for your Google Pin. Once the authorizations are complete, return to the homepage and select the devices you wish linked to the service.


All Eufy cameras other than the SoloCams are available to use with HomeBase, the integrated home security system offered by the company. They can also be linked with Alexa and Apple’s HomeKit for extra convenience. There are select devices that Eufy cameras are not compatible with, such as the Eufy Wi-Fi Chime and Eufy Wi-Fi Bridge.

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