Are AirPods 3 Good for Running? Do They Stay in Your Ear?

Walking up steps in running shoesWalking up steps in running shoes

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One of the biggest complaints about early AirPods models was how often they fell out of users’ ears. Jolting from running or bending over to pick up a weight resulted in the owner crawling on the floor to look for their AirPods. With this latest upgrade, some wonder, “are AirPods 3 good for running?”

AirPods 3 have an improved design compared to the first and second-generation AirPods. This design allows the AirPods to fit better in the ear, making them a good option for running. AirPods 3 contain many features that make them useful for exercise.

Below, we’ll discuss everything related to wearing AirPods 3 while running. Keep reading to learn everything from how they fit in your ear to the sound quality they provide while working out!

Are AirPods 3 Good for Running?

Faulty earbuds are incredibly stressful to run with. 

Whether it is the way they fit or how they sound, no one wants to worry about their earbuds screwing up their workout.

AirPods 3 are good for running, though they are not Apple’s best AirPods option for exercising. The silicone ear tips on the AirPods Pro make for a more secure in-ear connection. Still, AirPods 3’s new design offers a more successful connection than previous models.

How AirPods 3 fit in the ear is important, but how they sound is equally valuable to using AirPods 3 for running. 

Whether you are listening to music, a podcast, or anything else, sound quality is key. 

Do AirPods 3 Stay in Your Ears?

Early models of AirPods received a lot of complaints regarding how often they fell out while users were exercising.

The designs were much more basic than current AirPods, and it made wearing the earbuds while running a nightmare. We wouldn’t blame you for selling your Airpods to upgrade to a newer model.

AirPods 3 will stay in your ears as long as you are not performing unorthodox moves. If you’re running, your AirPods should fit and stay in your ears well. Their shape is similar to that of AirPods Pro, with a shorter stem and more curved head to better fit the user’s ear.

AirPods 3 fit better in the ear than first and second-generation models. 

However, they may not fit as well as AirPods Pro 2, as these have silicone ear tips to make a better connection.

How the AirPods 3 Design Allows Them to Fit in Your Ears

AirPods 3 are constructed with the knowledge that most people are probably not sitting still when wearing their earbuds. 

The design is much improved from more basic models.

AirPods 3 are intended to fit all types of ears, meaning you cannot customize your earbuds with differently-sized silicone tips.

Compared to other AirPods models, the shorter stem allows more stability and control through forceful movements, and the connection between the stem and head is curved and angled.

This design promotes a more natural fit in the ear canal, preventing them from falling out.

How the AirPods 3 Weight Allows Them to Stay in Your Ears

AirPods 3 are lighter than AirPods Pro 2. AirPods Pro 2 weigh 5.3 grams, while AirPods 3 weigh 4.28 grams.

While this may not seem like a large separation, it makes an apparent difference during activities like running.

You might even forget altogether that your AirPods are in your ears!

A lighter design allows you to focus less on problems with your earbuds and more on the running ahead of you.

What is the AirPods 3 Sound Quality Like?

The way AirPods 3 fit is perhaps the first thing customers think about when considering if the model is good for running. However, there are several other benefits to learn about.

These include:

  • Spatial audio
  • Adaptive EQ
  • Force sensors
  • Sweat and water resistance
  • Battery life

AirPods should fit just fine in your ears while you are running. Unless you are in an accident while exercising, various movements will not make your AirPods 3 fall out.

Spatial Audio

Apple’s Spacial Audio is at the top of the earbud pyramid in terms of technological advancements.

Spacial Audio makes audio three-dimensional. When your head moves, your audio moves with it.

Spatial Audio tracks your head movements and gives you a surround sound experience like no other. 

Hearing music all around you while running is surely an enjoyable experience.

Adaptive EQ

Adaptive EQ is another high-quality advancement by Apple. 

Sensors on the AirPods 3 detect the shape of your ear and adjust the audio output based on how you will hear it.

While AirPods 3 will stay in your ear, they will similarly play audio to your biological settings. It will feel like the AirPods 3 are shaped specifically to your head.

Force Sensors

Force sensors are an improved version of Apple’s touch sensors. 

Instead of tapping on the entire earbud to pause a song or answer a phone call, gentle presses on the stem monitor control changes.

This is better for running since tapping on the earbud may make your AirPods fall out.

A gentle press of the stem allows you to continue running without worry.

Sweat and Water Resistance

AirPods 3 are sweat and water-resistant, making them suitable for intense runs.

Whether it is a hot day or you are running in a drizzle, your AirPods 3 are equipped to fend off minor problems.

Battery Life

AirPods 3 can last for up to six hours on a full charge. 

As long as you ensure your AirPods 3 are charged, you no longer have to worry about your audio cutting out halfway through your run.

The enhanced battery life of AirPods 3 makes them great for even the longest of runs.

What Exercises Can You Do with AirPods 3?

AirPods 3 are suitable for running, weight training, and more. As long as you are not performing wild movements, you can avoid the problem of AirPods falling out of your ears.

You can do any type of exercise with your AirPods 3, including runs in various climates.

Final Thoughts

AirPods 3 are good for running, and their design reduces the chances of them falling out of your ears.

Although they do not have a silicone ear tip to secure a connection in your ear canal, the small, lightweight design of AirPods 3 is suitable for running.

The improved sound quality adds to the usefulness of AirPods 3 during exercise.

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