The current market is saturated with wireless cameras. If you’re looking to upgrade a current ADT home security system or considering having one installed in your home, you might be wondering if ADT has wireless cameras.

Not only does ADT have wireless cameras, but they also support a large base of third-party wireless cameras and DIY options through Blue by ADT. ADT also has various types of wireless cameras, including indoor and outdoor cameras, video doorbells, battery-operated cameras, and plug-ins.

ADT offers three separate packages: basic, basic wireless, and ADT Pulse. Of the three, ADT Pulse allows wireless camera integration via ADT cameras, third-party cameras, supported cameras, or Blue by ADT.

ADT Wireless Camera Security Systems

ADT has been around since 1874, and through the preceding decades—from the original telegram to modern, wireless technology—ADT has thrived. Wireless cameras and smart-home innovations are a natural partnership with a company that places value in innovation, quality, and technology.

ADT built a conglomeration of authorized retailers and installers who all provide Pulse-supported wireless camera security systems. Whether you choose to DIY with Blue by ADT or utilize Safestreets, Zion Security, Front Point Security, or any other authorized ADT provider, wireless camera systems are available.

With a massive Google investment in mid-2020, ADT is steadily cornering the market on smart-home and wireless security products. Adding Google Nest to ADT’s lineup brings multiple smart-home innovations—including Nest’s wireless camera devices—to ADT Pulse.

ADT Wireless Cameras

ADT comes with its own set of wireless security cameras that can be installed with your premium package. The standard package includes cameras with 720p resolution. For those who prefer high-quality resolution, there is also a Pro lineup of similar cameras that have 1080p resolution:

ADT’s wireless cameras are motion-sensitive and send alerts directly to your phone via the ADT Control app. These cameras are available in 720p resolution and 1080p resolution, except for the doorbell camera. Regardless of resolution, they effectively detect motion, live-recording, live-streaming, infrared, and have a wide view.

Blue by ADT Wireless Cameras

ADT wireless cameras are not the only options out there. In 2019, ADT purchased Lifeshield and, together, created Blue by ADT. Blue by ADT sells its own DIY lineup of security cameras. By placing your ADT Command station in “learn mode,” you can add Blue devices to your ADT security network:

  • Blue Wireless Outdoor Camera: 1080p resolution, 130-degree view, facial recognition technology, two-way audio, and noise cancellation.
  • Blue Wireless Indoor Camera: All the same features as the outdoor camera with the addition of a fire alarm.
  • Blue Wireless Doorbell Camera: With two-way audio, facial recognition, and night vision, this is one of the better doorbell cameras in the marketplace. Unlike ADT’s doorbell, the Blue by ADT has a 1080p HD resolution.

Blue by ADT was designed for the DIY crowd, and their devices can be used with ADT. Like Ring cameras, Blue cameras can be used individually, as each device has its own built-in alarms and alerts.

Third-Party Wireless Cameras

ADT Pulse operates using a Z-wave protocol—a mesh network using radio frequency—that was practically designed for home security and smart home networks. Many wireless cameras with Z-wave are compatible with ADT Pulse:

That’s just a small list of the security cameras available that ADT Pulse supports. General Electric,, Honeywell, Google Nest, Kwikset, Leviton, and Blue by ADT all offer an expanding line of wireless cameras, home security, and smart-home products that are easily added and compatible with ADT software.

Final Thoughts

Despite some products—even Z-wave compatible devices—lacking compatibility with ADT Pulse, ADT has obtained a quality lineup of wireless cameras through its various acquisitions and expansions.

Although ADT has its own original wireless cameras, there are plenty of alternatives available for DIY security projects and for those who appreciate a crowded list of alternatives for their security setup.