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AMC: What Channel is It on Each Cable Provider?

Last Updated Sep 20, 2022
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While looking for the best TV shows and movies, you may come across the AMC channel. AMC is known for its groundbreaking original content. Some might even argue that it is the king of TV. If you’ve found a show you’re interested in that airs on AMC, you may be wondering, “what channel is AMC?”

The channel number for AMC varies among cable providers based on your subscription package and location. While most American and Canadian cable providers offer AMC in their TV packages, not all of them do.

Below, we’ll discuss which channels you’re likely to find AMC based on your cable provider. Keep reading to learn which channels to look for, and begin watching your favorite programs as they air!

What Channel is AMC On Each Cable Provider?

The AMC channel has been popular among cable TV viewers for a while now. It offers some of the best shows on TV right now, including Killing Eve, The Walking Dead, and Mad Men.

If you’re thinking about starting one of these shows, or if you just want to access the wide variety of award-winning shows and movies the station airs, you may be wondering which channel you can find the AMC network on.

Although most cable providers offer AMC, it’s not available in every cable package. Some of the providers that offer AMC in at least one of their packages include:

  • Xfinity
  • Spectrum
  • Cox
  • Optimum
  • Mediacom
  • Sparklight

Note that AMC’s availability may be affected by your location, even if it is included in your cable package. Below, we’ll discuss what channels to check out to determine whether you can access AMC.

What Channel is AMC on Xfinity?

Xfinity offers AMC in a few of their cable packages, including:

  • Digital Starter
  • Digital Preferred
  • Digital Premier

However, the channel is not available on Xfinity’s Choice Limited plan. If you use Xfinity TV and want to watch AMC, consider upgrading to one of the supported plans.

In most cases, you can find AMC on channel 1405 with Xfinity TV. However, this may vary based on your location. If you do not see it here, check your local listings.

What Channel is AMC on Spectrum?

The great thing about Spectrum is that they offer the AMC channel with all their cable TV plans. However, the channel where you’ll find this network varies based on your location.

These variations could be from state to state or from city to city. For example, you’ll find AMC on channel 46 in Culver City and channel 48 in the rest of Los Angeles.

Luckily, you can visit Spectrum’s website and input your zip code to quickly find which channel AMC airs on.

What Channel is AMC on Cox?

Like Xfinity, Cox offers AMC with select cable TV packages. These include:

  • Cox Contour TV Preferred
  • Cox Contour TV Plus
  • Cox Contour TV Ultimate

However, you will not find the channel if you have the Cox TV Starter Plan. If you do have a compatible plan, visit channel 1043 to find AMC. If you do not see it here, check your local listings.

What Channel is AMC on Optimum?

If you have Optimum Select or Optimum Premier, you can find the AMC network on channel 43. However, if you have Optimum Basic or Optimum Core, you will need to upgrade to another plan to access AMC.

If you visit channel 43 and do not find AMC, check your local listings, as certain channels can vary based on location.

What Channel is AMC on Mediacom?

Mediacom is a little bit different than other cable providers, as they do not offer standalone TV packages. Instead, Mediacom TV service is offered as part of their internet and TV bundle packages.

Within these bundles, you’ll find a few different cable TV options. Some of these include:

  • Access Internet 60+ Local TV
  • Access Internet 60+ Variety TV
  • Access Internet 60+ Essential TV

Mediacom offers the AMC channel on both the Variety and Essential packages, but not the Local package. If you have one of these plans, you’ll likely find AMC on channel 41.

What Channel is AMC on Sparklight?

If you use Sparklight TV, you’ll only find AMC on the Standard plan. It is not available on Sparklight Economy or Digital Value.

You can find AMC on channel 35 on Sparklight Standard. If you have another Sparklight plan and want to watch the shows and movies available on AMC, consider switching to the Standard plan.

In Conclusion

Knowing which channel your cable TV provider airs AMC on is the first step in watching the wide variety of award-winning content that airs on this channel.

Many of the most popular cable providers offer AMC on at least a couple of their subscription packages, but the channels you can find it on greatly differ.

If you know AMC is included in your plan but are having trouble finding it on your Guide screen, check your local listings online.

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