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Alexa Phone Calls – Can’t Hear? Try These 8 Fixes

Last Updated Nov 11, 2022

Alexa makes your hands-free experience convenient and seamless. You can quickly make and receive drop-in calls on your Echo device.

It can be frustrating if the Alexa calling function is not working and you can’t hear the other person. Here are some fixes you can try to restore the function.

Ensure That You Have a Good Wi-Fi Connection

If you see an orange ring light the Wi-Fi is not working. A weak internet connection will not transmit your call.

Here are some fixes for your Wi-Fi connection malfunctioning:

  • Double-check your connectivity on your phone or rescan and add a new network.
  • Move your device near the router and test the connection. Other electronics, such as the A/C unit or an open window, can interfere with the signal. 
  • Check your router and reboot it to ensure that the internet connection is solid. Also, ensure that your device is within range of the connection.

Now, let’s take a look at another fix for your Alexa when you can’t hear your phone calls through this device.

Update Your Alexa App

Like all apps, you should regularly update the Alexa app. The call function on Alexa could malfunction if you use an old version or your device does not update properly.

To check for pending updates on your device:

  1. Open the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store
  2. Search for the Alexa app
  3. In case of a pending update, tap on the update tab next to the Alexa app. Wait for the update to complete.
  4. Click open to restart the updated version.

Now, let’s see if the reason your Alexa won’t hear your phone calls is because the contact information is incorrect.

Check That the Contact Information Is Correct

Alexa will not dial the call if you enter incorrect contact information or mispronounce the name. 

Here’s some fixes:

  • Ensure that your phone’s contacts have the correct number and name, and update them on the app.
  • Check Alexa voice history to see if Alexa correctly understood the name
  • Move the device closer to you and speak clearly

If this doesn’t work, check the next fix below.

Restart Your Phone or Echo Device

If you have a strong internet connection and are unsure what the problem is, try restarting your device. 

Power off your phone for a few minutes, then switch it back on. You can reboot your echo device by holding the reset button for at least thirty seconds until your device starts blinking.

Set The Correct Communication Settings

You cannot send or receive calls if your communication settings do not allow calls through your Alexa app.

To enable communication on the Alexa app:

  1. Open the Alexa app
  2. Tap on the more icon at the bottom of the home screen
  3. Click on settings
  4. Select Alexa Preferences
  5. Tap on communication
  6. Select your phone provider from the networks listed or Skype. Verify your personal information and allow permissions for calling and messaging
  7. Ensure you allow drop-in calls and enable show caller Id.

Have someone call you to confirm that the connection is successful.

Enable Calls Through Alexa on Your Devices

You should link your devices through the app to enjoy the calling feature. Additionally, enable the communication settings on your Echo and Alexa device.

To enable communication on a device:

  1. Open your Alexa app
  2. On the menu, tap devices
  3. Click on Echo and Alexa to see all connected devices
  4. Choose the device you want to use for calls
  5. Follow the prompts to finish setting up the device.
  6. Scroll down to communications
  7. Click on the switch on calling and messaging

Confirm that your device is enabled by checking on drop-in. In addition, you can add a device if it is not listed.

Ensure That Alexa’s Microphone Is Enabled

Alexa should be able to hear you facilitate the phone call; therefore, you can only receive calls on devices with microphones and speakers.

If you call through an Echo device, the ring light is red if the microphone is turned off and blue when connected. 

Here’s how to fix the microphone if it’s off:

  1. Press the microphone button to turn it on.
  2. Check that you have not muted the microphone on your phone or the app. 
  3. Enable the microphone feature on the options in your phone settings and Alexa app.

Now, let’s take a look at the next fix.

Relaunch The Alexa App

If the above fixes don’t work, you can restart the Alexa app to fix any software issues. 

You can restore the factory settings using these steps:

  1. Log into the Alexa app
  2. On the bottom right of the home screen, click the devices button
  3. Click on Echo and Alexa
  4. Select the device you want to reset
  5. Click on factory reset and confirm

However, remember that a factory reset erases your data, settings and preferences.

Final Thoughts

You can use our guide to easily troubleshoot and fix issues with Alexa’s phone calls.

Ensure that the person you’re calling can receive a call through Alexa. Also, your device might have faulty hardware, such as a broken microphone and Alexa not receiving the commands.

If you cannot make calls after trying the above fixes and your problem persists, contact Amazon customer service for assistance.