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AirPods Will Work with Android Devices! Is It Worth It, Though? 

Last Updated Jun 28, 2022

AirPods have gained popularity due to their numerous impressive features and great fit. Although Apple designed AirPods for iPhones, they are Bluetooth earbuds, and you can pair them with Bluetooth-enabled devices, including Android phones and tablets. However, if you have Android devices, is it worth buying them?

You can use Airpods with Android Devices. However, it is not worth it to use them with Android devices since they are not compatible with many features like they are with iOS devices.

However, there are some AirPod features you can still enjoy, and you can use some Android apps to restore some advanced functions. Read on to find out how to connect your AirPods on Android devices.

Do Airpods Work with Android Devices?

The one-step set-up function is only available to iOS devices; therefore, you must manually pair Android devices.

You can follow these straightforward steps to complete the set-up:

  1. Open the settings on your Android device
  2. Click on connections
  3. Click on the toggle and switch on the Bluetooth
  4. Confirm that your earbuds are in their charging case, then press the set-up button until the status light flashes white
  5. On your Android device, check the devices listed under Bluetooth and select the AirPods name to finish pairing

Your AirPods appear on the list of connected devices once pairing is successful and will reconnect automatically. If you want to disconnect the earbuds, return them to the charging case and close it. 

Why Using Airpods with Android Devices Isn’t Worth It

Using AirPods on Android devices is not worth it, and there is compromised sound quality due to different audio codecs. 

Several iOS AirPod features are incompatible with Android, including:

  1. Battery life check
  2. Automatic switching between devices
  3. Automatic pairing
  4. Customizable controls
  5. Siri
  6. Automatic ear detection
  7. Find my app function

Now, let’s go over each of these points below.

Battery Life Check

You get alerts on your AirPods charge level when the battery is at 20, 10, and 5 percent, which is useful in ensuring that you recharge them on time. You also see your battery life status using Siri and the iOS control center. However, you can’t monitor the battery levels on Android devices.

Automatic Switching Between Devices

You enjoy the convenience of seamlessly switching between apple devices when using AirPods. However, when using AirPods on Android devices, you must manually disconnect and pair them to each device. 

Automatic Pairing

AirPods automatically pair with Apple devices after the initial pairing up is complete. On the other hand, you should use manual pairing when using Android devices since the automatic switching function is only available for iOS devices.

Customizable Controls

Apple users enjoy the convenience of customizing controls using gestures that suit their preferences. Unfortunately, when used with Android devices, you lose the AirPods’ customized gestures, and they revert to their default controls.


Apple’s virtual assistant makes life easy by helping you stay organized and get hands-free access to your device, including using your AirPods. However, Siri is exclusive to iOS devices, and you cannot activate it when using Android devices.

Automatic Ear Detection

Automatic ear detection allows you to enjoy listening to music since the AirPods automatically resume audio when placed in the ear. In addition, the audio pauses when you remove the earbud from the ear. When using the earbuds on Android devices, you must manually pause the playback when taking the earbud out.

Find My App Function

Apple devices have the Find My app, enabling you to locate your AirPods if you lose them. However, this app is exclusive to iOS devices and not compatible with Android devices.

Even without the advanced functions available to iOS devices, you can enjoy some features on your Android devices.

Which Airpod Features Still Work on Android Devices?

Besides functioning as standard wireless stereo headphones, you can enjoy some AirPod functions that still work on Android devices.

Single Airpod Use

Since each earbud connects to the device individually, you can use a single AirPod separately. However, you should change your sound output to mono audio under accessibility in the device’s settings.

If you encounter challenges when using older earbud models, you can forget and reconnect the AirPods, then change the sound output. Alternatively, put them in their charging case and take them out to restart them.

Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode

Active noise cancellation blocks background sounds, allowing you to enjoy your music or podcast. However, the sound is not completely blocked; you hear a subtle hissing sound instead.

Transparency mode allows you to hear the outside world without removing your earbud. You can enjoy your music at low volumes without losing track of your environment and still carry on a conversation with those around you.

You can activate ANC and transparency mode by holding and squeezing the stem of your earbud until you hear a chiming sound.

Standard Command Gestures

Although you cannot customize the controls of your AirPods on Android devices, the command gestures are still useful for playback control. Use a single squeeze to play or pause, double-tap to play or pause music, double squeeze to skip forward, and triple to skip back. 


While you can connect AirPods to Android devices, there are many advanced features that you lose out on, as discussed in this article. However, if you have both iOS and Android devices, AirPods are a great choice since you can use them on both devices.

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