AirPods Max – How to Easily Mute in 3 Steps

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AirPods Max are some of the best headphones out there. They combine noise cancelling and transparency mode to fulfill your range of choices and maximize your enjoyment. But, some people wonder if there’s also an easy way to mute the sound playing from their AirPods altogether.

Below, we will discuss how you can easily mute your AirPods Max in just three steps. After following these steps, you will be able to mute and unmute your AirPods whenever you wish to. Keep reading to learn more!

How to Easily Mute Your AirPods Max in 3 Steps

Generally, AirPods Max do not have dedicated “Mute” or “Unmute” buttons. The methods you can use to mute your AirPods vary. However, the easiest is by using the volume button on your source device.

Follow the three steps below to easily mute your AirPods Max:

  • Locate the volume button on your source device.
  • Press down on the volume button on your device.
  • To unmute, press up on the volume button.

Below, we will discuss each of these steps in more detail.

Locate the Volume Button on Your Source Device

Even though AirPods Max do not come with a dedicated Mute button, you can improvise by using your volume button. The volume button is primarily designed to turn audio up or down. Depending on the type of device you are using, this may be two separate buttons or one single button with an upper and lower half. Locating your device’s volume button is the first step in muting your AirPods.

Press Down on the Volume Button on Your Device

After locating the volume button on your device, the next thing you should do is click on the lower part until you can no longer hear any audio playing from your headphones. At this point, your AirPods will be muted until you raise the volume again.

Press Up on the Volume Button to Unmute

When you are ready to start listening to audio through your AirPods Max again, you will need to unmute them. Instead of pressing down on the volume button, you’ll press up to raise the volume to your desired level.

Other Ways to Mute Your AirPods Max

The three-step process above is the easiest way to mute your AirPods Max. However, there are a few other methods that some people prefer. These include:

  • Using the digital crown
  • Using Siri on Apple devices
  • Removing your headphones
  • Using a compatible hardware keyboard

Now, let’s discuss these alternatives.

Use the Digital Crown

You can also mute your AirPods by turning the digital crown. The digital crown is a circular button on the top edge of your Airpods Max. Press once to pause your music, effectively muting it, then press it again to resume your song. Just be careful not to double-press this crown, or else your device will proceed to the next track.

Use Siri on Apple Devices

Setting up Siri can help you control the sounds coming from your AirPods without lifting a finger.

Once you have Siri on your device, just say “Hey Siri, mute my music.” This will turn the device’s volume all the way down. Once you’re done dealing with things in the real world and are ready to resume your music, use the command, “Hey Siri, unmute my music.”

It’s important to note that Siri is only available on select Apple devices. If you’re using your AirPods on an Android device, this method will not be available.

You can activate Siri with your voice or with the digital crown button on the top of your AirPods Max.  To use a voice command, just connect your AirPods to your Apple device and put the headphones on your head.

Once connected, you can activate Siri by saying, “Hey Siri.” From there, you can give different commands about anything you want to be done on your device.

Use a Compatible Hardware Keyboard

If you’re using a Macbook or other laptop to listen to music through your AirPods, you can mute the sound with your keyboard. Press your keyboard’s mute key to turn off the sound, then press it again when you’re ready to start listening again.

Remove Your Headphones

You can also stop audio from playing by removing the headphones from your ears. Once you remove your AirPods Max, any sound playing will automatically mute. When you put the AirPods back on your head, the sound will start playing again. You must replace your headphones 15 minutes or less from when you removed them to achieve this result.

Final Thoughts

AirPods Max are one of Apple’s highest-quality and most recent versions of wireless headphones. They have significantly better features than some other versions, but still do not have a dedicated mute button. However, following the steps above will make it easy to mute your AirPods Max anytime you want or need to.

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