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Airpod Pros – How to Answer Calls, End Calls, and Make Calls

Last Updated Jun 24, 2022
AirPods Pro being held up

The Apple AirPod revolution has paved the way for so many other brands to go for wireless earbuds. When Apple promised people that AirPods would be truly wireless, they delivered on all fronts, making it so that users could enjoy their experience. Each new device brings with it a set of new functionalities. Just when people were getting used to using their AirPods, the AirPod Pro dropped and became all the rage. However, users have a couple of questions they would like assistance with like how do you answer, end, and make calls on an Airpod Pro?

Touch the sensors on the sides to answer calls on any AirPod, including the AirPod Pro. All the controls for the AirPod Pro can be found on the earbuds. To answer calls, press the force sensor, the flat touch-sensitive area on the earbud. Use the same tap method to end the call. The Siri feature on Airpods makes it possible to make calls.

Evidently, the easiest way to answer and end calls is by touching the buds. However, in this article, we unravel the actions of the Airpod Pro because the exact way of doing things on Airpods differs for a different version. Read on to find out these capabilities.

How to Answer Calls, End Calls, and Make Calls on AirPod Pro

We will take you step-by-step through each of these actions and what you need to do it successfully on your AirPod Pro. It is essential to understand that the AirPod version you are using determines the actions required; therefore, check that you are using the AirPod Pro before applying the following techniques.

Before we jump into answering calls, making calls, and ending calls, you first need to ensure that your AirPod Pro is connected to your iPhone.

How to Connect AirPod Pros to your iPhone.

In order to use your AirPod Pros on your iPhone, you need to set them up correctly. If it is your first time setting up the AirPod Pros, ensure that your iPhone is operating on the latest version of iOS. Then proceed to connect your Airpod pros.

Open the charging case of the Airpod Pro with the earbuds still in it and hold it next to the phone. The iPhone home screen will show a popup animation. Tap connect, proceed with the subsequent three screens, and complete the connection by tapping. If Siri is already set up on the iPhone, it will also be ready to use with the AirPod pros once they are connected.

With that process complete, you are now set to start using your AirPod Pros. Read on to find out how to answer calls, make calls, and end calls.

How to Answer Calls on AirPod Pro

All the controls you need to answer calls on an AirPod Pro are on the earbud, making it easy for you to use. When you receive a call while using your AirPod Pros, instead of having to disconnect them so you can answer the call on your phone, simply tap or squeeze the force sensor. This is a flat area on both earbuds, and it is touch-sensitive. This will help you answer the call.

If a second call comes in while you are still on the first, press the force sensor to hold the first call and answer the new incoming call. To switch between the calls, press the force sensor again, and to end the current call, switching you to the one on hold, press the sensor twice.

How to End Calls on AirPod Pro

Ending calls on AirPod Pros is easy. If you do not want to accept an incoming call, all you need to do is wait it out, and it will go to voicemail. You can also reject the call using your iPhone by pressing the side button or onscreen controls. 

On your AirPod Pros, if you press the force sensor twice when there is an incoming call, you send it directly to voicemail. When you have received a call, all you need to do is squeeze the touch-sensitive flat area on the stem of your AirPod Pro when the call is over. Answering and ending calls on AirPod Pros use the same tap method.

How to Make Calls on AirPod Pro

When you want to make calls with your AirPod Pro, you need to set up your ‘Hey Siri’ function. Use the Siri feature to make calls by simply saying the contact’s name you would like to call. For instance, say ‘Hey Siri’ and wait for Siri to activate and then announce your intended call, ‘call Mom.’


It is easy to answer calls, end calls and make calls on your AirPod Pro once you follow the steps we have outlined in this article. All it takes is the correct sequence of pressing the force sensor on the earbuds, and you can enjoy multiple features on your AirPod Pros.