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A&E: What Channel is It on Each Cable Provider?

Last Updated Sep 21, 2022
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If you’re looking for a TV station that airs a mix of mini-series, reality docusoaps, true crime docuseries, and WWE programs, A&E is the network for you. Some of the top cable providers offer A&E, but you need to find the right channel before you can watch. What channel does A&E air on?

A&E is available on Channel 132 on U-Verse. For other cable providers, like Spectrum and Xfinity, the channel will vary based on your location. Check your local listings to find the channel A&E airs on in your area.

Below, we’ll highlight where you can find A&E’s channel, no matter which cable provider you use. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to watch!

What Channel Does A&E Air On?

You don’t want to miss out on all the premium entertainment options offered by A&E. But, to explore all the interesting programs available on this channel, you must first ensure your provider offers it in their cable TV plans.

Some of the providers that offer A&E include:

  • U-Verse
  • Wow
  • Cox
  • Spectrum
  • Optimum
  • Xfinity

Below, we’ll highlight what channels you can find A&E on depending on your cable provider.

What Channel is A&E on U-Verse?

If you subscribe to U-Verse TV, you’ll find A&E on Channel 132 in SD and Channel 1132 in HD. However, it is not available in the U-family TV bundle.

You can watch your favorite A&E shows with AT&T’s U-Verse cable TV, but only if you have one of the following subscription packages:

  • U200
  • U300
  • U450

A&E is also available in Spanish subscription plans, like U200 Latino, U300 Latino, and U450 Latino.

What Channel is A&E on Wow?

If you use Wow cable TV in your home, you will find A&E on your channel list. However, the channel you’ll need to tune into depends on your location and cable package.

A&E is only available in WOW’s Medium TV and Large TV packages. You will not find the channel on the Small TV package.

You need to check the channel lineup for your city or state to find the exact channel number. But, the table below highlights where you can find A&E in a few different areas of the country.

City/StateChannel (SD)Channel (HD)
Detroit, Michigan46218
Columbus, Georgia37971
Knoxville, Tennessee48971

Channel lineups may change each year, so staying updated is important. Visit Wow’s support site to check the current channel lineups in your area to know where to find A&E.

What Channel is A&E on Cox?

A&E is available on Cox Contour TV Preferred and Contour TV Ultimate. If you subscribe to Cox’s TV Starter package, you will not find this channel in your lineup.

Cox airs different stations on different channels throughout the country. To learn which channel airs A&E in your city, visit their website to view your local lineup.

What Channel is A&E on Spectrum?

Spectrum’s channel lineups vary by region. However, you can also find a variety of A&E content on Spectrum On Demand and the Spectrum TV app.

Since channel lineups depend on regions, you will have to check the listings in your area to learn where A&E airs. The table below highlights where you can find A&E with Spectrum in some locations within the United States.

CityChannel Number
Orlando, Florida42
New York City, New York46
Lincoln, Nebraska47
Bakersfield, California54

Visit Spectrum’s website to search for your lineup with your ZIP code and find the channel number allotted for A&E.

What Channel is A&E on Optimum?

No channel for A&E on Optimum exists because channel lineups depend on your location. You need to view the channel listings for your area of residence through your cable provider, so you know where to find it.

You can place a call directly to Optimum Support, send an email, or search online with your zip code.

A&E is available on all Optimum packages except Optimum Core. Therefore, you can find A&E on its designated channel with the Optimum Select and Optimum Premier packages.

What Channel is A&E on Xfinity?

Like Spectrum, Xfinity’s channel lineups differ based on your location. To learn where to find A&E, you will need to check your local channel listings.

To find the channel number for A&E in your region, visit Xfinity’s website and search with your ZIP code. If you still have trouble finding it, contact Xfinity Support for more assistance.

In Conclusion

A&E provides the best true crime investigations, documentaries, court cases, and WWE programs. You can stream mind-blowing shows on A&E with cable providers, including Spectrum, Wow, U-verse, and more.

However, the channel you’ll find this network on varies based on your location within the country. For more information, visit your cable provider’s website and check your local listings.