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ADT provides homes with comprehensive security systems to keep your property safe. They offer several security solutions, many including features for smart home integration and automation. Keeping your home and family safe is now easier and only takes the tap of a button.
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Long-Trusted Security Provider

ADT has been a trusted security system provider for homes and businesses for 140+ years. You’re always in excellent hands when you rely on ADT for smart security. 

Quick Professional Installation

Take the worry out of setting up the security system yourself; ADT will send a professional to your house to install your devices to ensure they can effectively protect your home.

built-in Smart home Automation

Control your wireless ADT security system with your smartphone through the ADT Pulse app or compatible smart home devices like Google Home, Amazon Echo, and more.

General Questions

What Comes with the ADT Security System?
All of ADT’s base home security systems come with the following:

Digital Panel
Entryway Contacts
Motion Detector
Wireless Keychain Remote
Yard Signs and Window Decals
24/7 Monitoring

You can also personalize your system and add other security devices, such as ADT’s indoor and outdoor cameras, additional door and window sensors, and emergency panic buttons. You can even add smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and flood sensors.

How Does ADT Work?

The devices included in ADT’s home security systems are designed to communicate with one another via the internet or radio signals. These connections allow the system to send notifications to your phone when motion is detected, if someone has gone through a point of entry—such as a door—or if there has been a forced breach, such as an opened or broken window.

If the security system is “armed,” an alarm will immediately sound once it detects a violation in any of your monitored areas, such as a door or window opening and triggering a contact sensor or someone crossing in front of a motion sensor. Then, the alarm system will send an alert to ADT’s monitoring center within 30 seconds, which lets them know emergency services are required.

ADT’s monitoring center may then contact you to confirm that there is an emergency; if there is no response, they will automatically call and send emergency services to your home.

If your security system’s alarm is not triggered, but you do find yourself in an emergency and don’t have the ability to call 911 first, the ADT panel does have a panic button that you can press to contact the monitoring center.

Do You Have to Use Internet with ADT?

If you want to take advantage of ADT’s smart home integration and automation features, you will need to connect the system to the internet. 

Generally, wireless ADT security systems are designed to work with your home’s Wi-Fi, but if it is not available, ADT offers Safewatch Cellguard, which allows your security devices to operate on cellular backup instead. This is helpful in case a storm knocks out your power or significantly weakens your connection. 

In contrast, wired ADT security systems do not require internet, but they do require a working landline so that the system can connect to ADT’s monitoring center in case of an emergency.

Will ADT Still Work if the Power Goes Out?

If your home happens to lose power, your ADT security system will still work off a backup battery for up to 24 hours. It can also still contact ADT’s monitoring center in the event of an emergency during this period. 

If the backup battery becomes low while your power is out, a signal will be sent to ADT’s monitoring center to let them know. You’ll also see a low battery message appear on your keypad/display.

Can ADT Be Hacked?

As with any other device that connects to the internet, the wireless ADT security system is vulnerable to hacking. However, ADT systems use safety features such as WPA2, an encrypted wireless protocol designed to ensure that the wireless communication between your security devices stays private. 

If you want to guarantee your security system remains safe from hacking, ensure that your home’s router is protected by taking these measures

  • Use a strong password and only share it with people you trust
  • Enable encryption on the router and other wireless devices
  • Set up your router to update its firmware automatically
  • Make sure your security settings are set to WPA2 or WPA3 
  • Disable any features you’re not using, such as Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)

If you’re still concerned about the safety of your system and your private information being vulnerable, consider ADT’s identity theft protection plans.

How Much Does ADT Really Cost?

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Because ADT security systems can be personalized, the cost will vary, depending on the type of base package and monitoring plan you choose:

Base Package

Equipment Included 

Price of Equipment + Installation

Price of Monitoring


1 Digital Control Panel 

3 Door/Window Alarms

1 Motion Detector

Professional Installation

24/7 Monitoring

Starts at $599 or $9.98/month for 60 months

Starts at $45.99/month


1 Digital Control Panel 

3 Door/Window Alarms

1 Motion Detector

1 Smart Door Lock

1 Smart Plug

Access to the ADT Control App

Professional Installation

24/7 Monitoring

Starts at $919 or $15.32/month for 60 months

Starts at $49.99/month


1 Digital Control Panel 

3 Door/Window Alarms

1 Motion Detector

1 Smart Door Lock

1 Smart Plug

1 HD Indoor Camera

1 Video Doorbell Camera

Access to the ADT Control App

View Live Streams Remotely

Customize Alerts

Professional Installation

24/7 Monitoring

Starts at $1,049, or $17.48/month for 60 months

Starts at $57.99/month

(Source: ADT)

Note: These are the base costs for each package. If you decide you’d like to add more devices to your package, expect to pay additional for each device added. Contact ADT to receive a personalized quote.

Is a Credit Check Required for ADT?

ADT does require a credit check when purchasing any of its packages, especially if you would like to finance your security system. If you have good credit, you will likely be able to receive a promotional discount for certain packages. Those with a low credit score or no credit may be charged the retail price for packages.

This doesn’t mean that people with low or no credit scores cannot finance an ADT system; you will just not be eligible for any running promotions, and there is a chance you may end up paying a higher rate per month. However, users have noted that it is possible to renegotiate these rates with ADT as a long-time customer.

Do You Need a Contract with ADT to Use the Security System?

When you purchase one of ADT’s base home security system packages, you are required to sign a contract for at least 36 months to use ADT’s monitoring service. If you finance the equipment, this contract extends to 60 months. 

However, ADT also offers a six-month money-back guarantee, so if you’re unhappy with its service, you can return your equipment and cancel your contract with no penalty within the first six months.


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