ADT Battery Replacement Cost

several 100 dollar billsseveral 100 dollar bills

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Out of necessity, most ADT devices aren’t hardwired into a home or business’s existing wiring. In fact, they’re not plugged into anything because they run on batteries. Unfortunately, we haven’t invented the “forever” battery yet, so they eventually have to be replaced.

Replacement costs for ADT batteries are pretty much the same across the board. For the heart of the system, the battery is a 12V UB1270 that costs roughly $21.99. Keep in mind that you can buy these batteries at most retailers, so costs may vary.

In fact, every ADT battery located in every sensor, control panel, smoke detector, or camera is not exclusive to ADT and can be purchased at most local retailers that sell batteries. That doesn’t mean you’ll find a 12V at the Dollar General, but stores like Amazon and similar retailers are likely carrying any type of battery you’re looking for. Read on to learn about the varying prices of batteries for each of your ADT devices.

How Much Do ADT Batteries Cost?

One battery doesn’t run everything in an ADT secured home. There are different types of batteries in the many devices that go into an ADT system, and all are not equal, in power or price.

DeviceBattery Type/DescriptionPrice per Pack
ADT Window and Door SensorsNewer systems use CR123A batteries.$21.99
ADT Panel Box12V UB1270 batteries are used in ADT panel boxes. They’re the heart of an ADT security system, without which nothing will work.$21.99
ADT KeypadMostly the touchscreen variety—use a 4.8V, 2000mAh rechargeable pack, the kind that’s often used in remote control vehicles.$10.99
ADT Command Smart Security Panel3.7V, 10,000mAh rechargeable$25.49
ADT Pulse DoorbellThis battery has to be purchased through ADT or one of its providers.$100.00 – $125.00
Blue by ADT Outdoor CameraThis battery pack can only be purchased through Blue by ADT, but it replaces batteries for Blue by ADT’s line of outdoor cameras.$39.99

That’s the general breakdown for battery prices with newer ADT equipment, including Blue by ADT. Unfortunately, it doesn’t cover absolutely everything.

For decades, ADT has contracted out the manufacturing and installation of various devices. Older ADT equipment may have batteries that aren’t in the above categories. You can visit the Telus website and view the different batteries requirements for all of their listed equipment and hopefully find what you need.

How Long Do ADT Batteries Last?

The ADT panel battery is a backup battery utilized mostly for power outages; however, it’s still rated to last for 3-5 years and should be replaced if you’re getting a battery warning on your keypad or smartphone. Sensor batteries also last around 3-5 years.

Additional batteries—rechargeable batteries used in outdoor cameras and video doorbells—are long-term batteries. But nothing is infallible, and it would be safe to assume that the 3-5 year lifespan applies here as well.

You can also call ADT and, under most ADT plans, you can get a free replacement battery (once per year) for any of the above-listed devices, including older equipment not listed in this article.

Will the ADT Alarm Go Off If the Battery Dies?

The odds are, if the battery in any ADT device fails, the alarm will trip. The major problem with this—aside from a pointless, loud, and annoying alarm—is the potential for police involvement, diverting valuable policing resources to respond to a dead battery.

False alarms from home security systems have heightened awareness of the problem across the country, resulting in legislation, mostly at the local level, that makes it a punishable offense. The fines can be quite extensive, and those fines are applied to ADT, who will then transfer the cost to you. If ADT is fined $500 for a false alarm, that $500 will show up on your bill.

Some states and/or local municipalities have gone so far as to require a permit to install an ADT alarm system in your home. The permits vary, but they essentially boil down to the necessity of a security system and acknowledgment of local and county ordinances on false alarms and how they will apply to you.

Much of this can be avoided by properly maintaining, recharging, and replacing the batteries in your ADT sensors and equipment.

Final Thoughts

ADT system battery replacement costs are generally negligible if you are on the right plan. Your local service provider can give you more information on free replacements, warranties, and how often you’re allowed to use them.

You can also replace your batteries by contacting ADT or your local provider. They will either make one available for you to pick up locally or mail you a replacement free of charge or at a reasonable price.

Thankfully, most of the batteries are rechargeable and even the ones that aren’t are rated to last several years before requiring a replacement. Proper maintenance and keeping track of your batteries will keep you up-to-date and your ADT system in good working order.

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