ADT is one of the most recognizable names in home security systems, and they’ve been in business since 1874. When something isn’t working, it goes without saying that ADT usually has a solution. The standard ADT alarm is supposed to be 140dB, so what happens when it isn’t loud enough?

To turn up your ADT alarm, you’ll have to have an ADT Technician come out and have a look at your system. ADT alarms are roughly 140dB, and anything much lower than that needs to be checked.

None of the ADT panels are likely to allow you to adjust the alarm siren levels without a technician’s help. However, there may be some other volume controls with the system you can manage on your own; read on to learn more.

Can You Adjust the ADT Alarm Volume?

You can only raise and lower the voice, keypad, and chime volumes with your ADT alarm through the app. If your ADT alarm systems are triggering a low volume alarm, it’s most likely the cause of defective equipment, and you’ll need to contact ADT Customer Service.

Remember, the alarm siren is around 140dB, which is as loud as a jet taking off from a landing strip, so it’s pretty loud. It has to be at least 85dB according to Nationally Recognized Industry Standards, but that’s not much louder than conversational levels, which are 60dB.

If your alarm volume level has suddenly dropped or has always been low, without any input from you, you should try resetting the system (more on this later). ADT Pulse and ADT Command panels make it a simple process.

Troubleshooting a Quiet ADT Alarm

Your ADT Pulse Gateway is the black, rectangular box located close to your router. It looks very much like a standard router stood on end and will usually have blinking red or green LED lights. Rebooting it is a pretty standard affair.

  1. To reset it, simply unplug it from the wall outlet along with the ethernet cable that tethers it to your router. ADT recommends waiting a full five minutes before restarting the Gateway.
  2. Plug the Pulse Gateway back in after five minutes have elapsed and let it cycle back up before plugging it back into the ethernet port on the back of your router.
  3. Once it reconnects, the Pulse Gateway is reset.

This may not fix the problem, and unfortunately, there are no other means to change the alarm volume, so an ADT technician will probably be needed to check the system.

Can the Blue by ADT Alarm System Volume Be Adjusted?

As with the ADT systems, the only volume controls available for the Blue by ADT Alarm System are for chimes, the keypad, voice responses, and other bells or whistles. If the Blue by ADT alarm siren is not very loud—like any other ADT equipment, you can reset the system before calling Blue by ADT Customer Service.

Blue by ADT has a different kind of alarm system than standard ADT home security setups, but it’s still considered to be pretty loud. If the decibels are pretty weak, try resetting the system. Like the Pulse Gateway, Blue by ADT utilizes a hub to tie in all of your cameras, sensors, alarms, and motion detectors.

  1. To reset the Blue by ADT Smart Home Hub, unplug it from the wall outlet and disconnect the ethernet from your router (if applicable).
  2. After five minutes, plug it back in and allow it to cycle back up. If connected via ethernet, plug the ethernet back into the router after the hub has fully cycled back on.

If the alarm hasn’t improved in decibels, contact customer support, and arrange for a technician to come to your home. Unfortunately, when it comes to adjusting alarm siren levels, customer service is just about the only recourse.

Final Thoughts

ADT and Blue by ADT systems are pretty reliable as home security setups go. If they weren’t, the ADT company wouldn’t be 150 years old. Dealing with an alarm siren that isn’t very loud is not a normal or common occurrence.

The DIY aspect of repairing it is largely out of your hands as well. Chimes, voice volume, keypad notes, and alerts all have adjustable volumes. However, it seems the siren never left the cutting room floor—if it ever made it there, to begin with.

Fortunately, ADT customer service is pretty dependable and reasonably responsive, as far as getting a technician out to fix your equipment. The worst-case scenario means you’ll have to go through the process and cross your fingers that ADT will add the feature down the road.