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ADT Alarm Engineer Reset Required: Troubleshooting

Last Updated Sep 7, 2021
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ADT acknowledges that some problems need the help of a specialist. In these instances, your ADT Alarm (particularly the Galaxy series) will display a message that says, “Engineer Reset Required.” This typically appears when your system has a problem that you cannot fix on your own.

But, before you call an ADT specialist, there are a few measures that could address your problem. Keep in mind that correcting the “Engineer Reset Required” message is crucial; depending on the nature of your problem, your alarm system may not work properly.

What Does “Engineer Reset Required” Mean on ADT Alarm?

“Engineer Reset Required” is an error message displayed on ADT’s Galaxy Alarm series. It generally pertains to issues that are out of your control. For instance, if your alarm’s internal components are malfunctioning, this is something that requires an ADT representative’s expertise. If a server error is causing any issues, that might be a problem on ADT’s end––not your own.

According to the ADT Galaxy 16/8’s user manual: “Certain types of alarms require an engineer to visit the site and, after investigation, reset the system.”

Can I Bypass the Message?  

Most of the time, your ADT Alarm will not resume its normal functions even after you enter your own password. If you want to resolve the issue or remove the message, you’ll need the engineer’s password, which is not available online.

You could try inserting random passwords until you eventually reach the right one, but there are over 10,000 possible combinations. Entering random passwords could just make the problem worse.

Additionally, some users have tried to “hack” their systems by disassembling the alarm and removing the sensors. You should avoid this. Not only is this fairly complicated, but it could also violate ADT’s Terms & Conditions.

Does it Cost Anything to File a Service Request?

ADT should not charge anything for an engineer to reset your system. Maintenance is included as part of your subscription. If you tried to “mod” your alarm, you could be charged for a replacement since you violated the warranty.

However, if an intruder “tampered” with your system, preventing it from resuming regular options, this will be identified and remedied by your technician.

Contacting an ADT Alarm Engineer for a Reset

You have two options for connecting with an ADT Engineer:

You Can Schedule an Appointment Online

First, log into Then:

  1. Choose the “My Account” tab.
  2. Click “Service Appointment.”

Here, you should be able to schedule a date for your technician’s visit. You can also check this tab later if you want to make changes or forget the appointment date. Keep in mind that you cannot get an “ETA” for when your technician will arrive, as there’s no way for ADT to estimate how long an appointment will take.

You Can Call ADT Customer Support

Dial (800) 587-4198 to connect with ADT’s customer support line. Be sure to have all of your system’s information on hand, including its owner’s name, password, location, and contact information.

Troubleshooting ADT Engineer Reset Required Prompt

As noted, when your ADT Alarm says, “Engineer Reset Required,” there’s usually nothing you can do but call a technician and wait. However, if you want to exhaust all your possible options, try the following:

Disconnect the Power Source

You can’t get an error message if there’s no power source. So, try disconnecting the ADT alarm from the wall. Remember to cut power to the batteries, as well; even if you disconnect your alarm, it will still run on battery reserve power.

Follow the prompts on the screen once it powers back on.

Entering Your Own Password

If given the opportunity, hit the back button and try entering your own password. While the chances of this being the engineer’s password are zero to nothing, remember: you got this error message for a reason. Entering your password could somehow factor into the problem that’s requiring the reset in the first place.

Identify the Problem Itself

Earlier, we mentioned that the initial problem is likely something that requires a professional. However, if you have a few moments, try:

  • Checking your sensors. Is something triggering your alarm over and over again, like a piece of debris? Check your windows, doors, and thresholds for any possible obstructions.
  • Check the app. Check the MyADT mobile app for any further instructions, error messages, or options. Make sure the app is on its latest version before agreeing to any changes. You can such for such updates in the Google Play or Apple App Store, depending on what phone you have.
  • Logging into your MyADT account. provides features that don’t extend to the app, like customer support options and troubleshooting guides. You might also have messages from ADT itself alerting you to an outage in your area or a server error.


Nine times out of ten, when you get an “Engineer Reset Required” message on your ADT Alarm, you need to call in a professional. However, you have a couple of options if you want to get to the root of your problem.

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