Hulu and Chromecast are not working

hulu on an iphonehulu on an iphone

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If you are having issues with Hulu on your Chromecast, we have you covered. Below are 9 things to check to get you back up and running.

1. Check the Internet Connection Source for Chromecast and Hulu

One of the things to troubleshoot is the internet source. Your Internet source is one of the factors that determines whether your Chromecast and Hulu can work as planned. Check to be sure you are on the right network.

Also, check the network bandwidth of the internet source and position your router close to your Chromecast to ensure it has enough Wi-Fi connection. Streaming takes up a considerable about of bandwidth, so a weak connection can lead to buffering/lag.

2. Reboot Your Chromecast Device

Another thing to do is to reboot your Chromecast device. Sometimes the problem is a result of an incomplete boot. Rebooting your device should be your first thought. It is a simple fix and doesn’t require much. It saves time and energy and reduces stress if this is the problem It should be your first option when troubleshooting.

3. Update Your Mobile Chrome Application

Update Chrome on your mobile phone. Hulu might not work on an outdated Chrome browser. There might be error messages as an outdated Chrome browser will lack the necessary features to run Hulu properly.

You can update your chrome browser from:

  • Google Play store
  • Chrome App

Both methods are relatively easy to figure out. Check if there is a new version of Hulu on the web. Using an old version might result in streaming problems. You can easily update your Hulu app on the Google Play Store.

4. Free up Storage and Clear Cache

Caches are similar memory items stored away at a hidden or secret place for use in the future. Glitches or bugs can affect the app, too. Clearing the caches helps reset the memory and remove these bugs and glitches. Clearing the storage can also be done. Low storage would result in hanging and lagging of the app.

5. Check if Your VPN is On

Having your VPN turned on can sometimes prevent your Hulu and Chromecast from working. VPN creates a separate network for your device. Chromecast will not connect to this network and won’t work. In other cases, some servers have restricted access to Hulu. Ensure to avoid such servers when using Hulu and don’t use VPN while using Chromecast.

6. Update Your Mobile Device

An outdated operating system would lack the features necessary to run some applications smoothly and effectively. Check your operating system and ensure it is up to date. You can update your device from Settings>General>Software update. Install this update and try to run your Hulu and Chromecast.

A software update might take a while, depending on the size of the file you are updating and WiFi speed.

7. Clear Error codes

Error codes on your screen denote specific errors. These errors require some solutions. Here are some error codes for Hulu:

  • Error 3 and 5: These errors are related to internet issues. You can fix this by simply restarting your device, running a device update, or reinstalling the Hulu app.
  • Error 16: This error denotes locations outside the US. Hulu does not support places outside the US, turn off VPN when streaming from the US.
  • Error 400: This error denotes a problem related to the account. First, try to login in and out of the account. If this doesn’t fix It, then restart the Application.
  • Error 500: This error denotes a problem with the server. You can start by checking your internet connection or using other web browsers.

8. Use a Chromecast Extender

Most Chromecast devices come with HDMI extension cables. This cable helps extend the Chromecast away from the TV, bringing it closer to the internet connection. When the Chromecast is closer to the internet source reception and signals are greatly improved. Improved signal helps prevent buffering and lags.

9. Ensure Your Chromecast and Device are on the Same Network

Casting onto a TV screen might not work when your Chromecast and mobile device are on separate networks. Ensure you don’t have one of them connected to the wrong network and try again.

You can check if your Chromecast is on the same Wi-Fi as your device by:

  • Go to Google Home.
  • Click on Devices in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the 3 dots in the corner.
  • Click on Settings.
  • You will see the Wi-Fi network you’re connected to. Make sure it’s the right one!
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