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9 Best Stands for Infant Optics Baby Monitor

Last Updated Jul 11, 2022
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After baby-proofing and furnishing your little one’s nursery with toys and essential care products, the issue of surveillance becomes the next big question. Infant Optics baby monitors are the best gadgets for this job, but with it comes the need for a stand strong enough to hold your device as it keeps a close watch on your baby.

You can purchase the most desirable baby monitor stand online that will cost little to nothing to install. Keep reading to take a quick tour around some of the best Infant Optics baby monitor stands!

9 Best Stands for Infant Optics Baby Monitor

Finding the right stand for your Infant Optics baby monitor is essential to ensure the device’s security in the nursery. Consider all your options carefully, then choose the best option for your setup.

Nine of the best baby monitor stands for Infant Optics include:

  • Aobelieve Flexible Mount for Infant Optics
  • Highdas Universal Mount
  • iTODOS Baby Monitor Mount Camera Shelf
  • ALERTCAM Adjustable Angle Mount
  • GUMBALL Adjustable Angle Baby Monitor Wall Mount
  • BRAINWAVZ Corner Mount
  • Lyeiaa Baby Monitor Mount
  • Aobelieve Crib Mount
  • iTODOS Flexible Clip Clamp Mount

Keep reading to learn more about each model and how you can set them up in your nursery!

Aobelieve Flexible Mount for Infant Optics

Aobelieve Flexible Mount is a flexible, wireless baby monitor stand made specifically for Infant Optics baby monitors. It is over 17 inches long and made from a combination of rubber and stainless steel.

Due to its flexibility, you can curl it around sturdy surfaces in the nursery, like cot rails, without drilling into your walls or shelves. Aobelieve Flexible Mount is compatible with Infant Optics DXR-8 and DXR-8 Pro, and its flexible features provide a secure fit almost anywhere.

Highdas Universal Mount

This stick-like stand features a height of 33 inches and a maximum carrying weight of 300g. It has easy-to-follow guidelines for installation and is compatible with several brands of baby monitors, including Infant Optics. The Highdas Wall Mount is portable, affordable, and made by a highly-reputed manufacturer in the baby care market.

iTODOS Baby Monitor Mount Camera Shelf

The iTODOS Baby Monitor Mount Camera Shelf is compatible with Infant Optics DXR 8 and DXR-8 Pro, which are about 3-4 inches wide and have a ¼” threaded connection. It is a wall monitor mount that can also be attached to flat surfaces, such as cribs, window sills, and cots. No drilling or mechanical installation is required, and with its secure grip, there’s no need to worry about it falling off.

ALERTCAM Adjustable Angle Mount

This is a wall mount that requires a mechanical installation. It is primarily compatible with the Infant Optics DXR-8 baby monitor and allows easy surveillance from the walls. The ALERTCAM Adjustable Angle Mount is made from durable aluminum, with a powerful 3M sticky pad that guarantees support. It even comes with a 30-day warranty.

GUMBALL Adjustable Angle Baby Monitor Wall Mount

Made of aluminum alloy, this wall mount is sturdy and can be installed like a typical CCTV camera. You can choose to place it on the wall or near the ceiling. This promises a good view of your baby, with 0 to 45-degree adjustable angles and no blind spots.

Due to its distance from the crib, the monitor will be kept out of an infant’s reach. Equipped with several 3M stickers, it offers a solid hold to Infant Optics baby monitors. It is as baby-proof as the nursery!

BRAINWAVZ Corner Mount

Designed primarily for Infant Optics DXR-8, this corner mount offers a wide angle of vision with reduced blind spots, courtesy of its tilted lens rotation. It fits perfectly on vertical surfaces and does not require screws, only 3M VHB adhesive tape, for installation. However, it should not be placed on the crib, painted surfaces, or wallpaper due to its robust installation method.

Lyeiaa Baby Monitor Mount

Made of rugged and durable plastic, Lyeiaa Baby Monitor Mount is an intelligent baby camera stand compatible with Infant Optics DXR-8 and DXR-8 Pro baby monitors. It is a table and wall monitor stand that is easily portable, detachable, and can be folded into a compact size.

Aobelieve Crib Mount

Like most stands mentioned above, Aobelieve Crib Mount features a simple installation method. It uses a clamp mount, meaning you can secure it firmly on bed frames, shelves, rails, and other similar areas. The sturdy nature of this clamp ensures it won’t be carelessly detached or harm your baby in any way.

With the optimal field of view, you can watch your baby uninterrupted. This stand is only compatible with Infant Optics baby monitors.

iTODOS Flexible Clip Clamp Mount

The iTODOS flexible gooseneck mount is a clamp monitor mount. This means it does not require mechanical installation. Instead, it can be clipped against protruding surfaces like shelves and cots, then taken off and folded whenever it’s not in use.

The stand’s sturdy aluminum-magnesium base provides a 360° rotation of its 8-inch flexible arm. It’s primarily compatible with Infant Optics baby monitors.


With any of the baby monitor stands mentioned above, you can be assured of complete and utter satisfaction while your baby sleeps. None of these stands will threaten your furniture, walls, or your baby’s well-being.

A popular misconception about baby monitor stands is that they help relay digital footage to your screen, posing the risk of an electric surge. On the contrary, monitor stands are primarily wireless, just like Infant Optics baby monitors. With a baby monitor stand installed, you have laid the finishing touches on your baby’s nursery.

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