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9 Best Eufy Camera Videos on YouTube

Last Updated Jan 27, 2022

Usually, Eufy cameras are one of the cheapest authentic smart cameras that can be used for a long period without the need for maintenance. However, before one purchases their smart devices, they have to be sure of the Video quality they are getting, and how the product can be in real life.

No one wants to get a device that they would regret buying later. Knowing what to expect can help prevent this from taking place. In this article, we are going to look at some of the Best Eufy Camera reviews on YouTube, what to expect, and why you should get it. 

Eufy Security Solo Indoor Cam C24 2k Security Indoor Camera Review

This video on YouTube talks about the Solo indoor Cam C24 2k. Made by Wanderer001 reviews, it looked into the design, installations as well as testing the raw video/audio footage of the Camera.

If you always wanted to get the solo indoor cam C24, and you want to know more about it, this video would give you a sneak peek of what it feels like to purchase the product.

If you would like to learn more about Eufy, check out this article.

Eufy Indoor Camera 2k Pan & Tilt Review – Unboxing, Features, Setup, Settings, and Video Quality.

Created by LifeHackster, this video on YouTube dives into the Eufy Solo IndoorCam P24 formerly known as the indoor Cam 2k Pan & Tilt. 

This video would show you how the smart camera is being unboxed and set up as well as how the 2k resolution functions both in the day and at night. He also tested the Pan and tilt feature which is why most people purchase this product.

New Eufy Outdoor Cam Pro Review – Almost Perfect!

With a time frame of just 7 minutes or more, this video talks about the Solo Outdoor Cam C24 which is the pro version of the C22. This video explains the core features of this camera, and what differentiates it from the previous version.

Made by Adam’s Tech, this video walks you through what you would expect when purchasing this product as well as audio and visual tests carried out by the creator.

Eufy Cam E Review – 6 Months Later

This video was made by “6 month later Reviews” on YouTube. It looked over Anker as the parent company making Eufy Security devices, and it showed the distinctive features of one of their products, the Eufy Cam solo E.

Although it didn’t show raw footage and audio quality, the video showed users what it feels like using the eufy Cam Solo E after 6 months. It also showed recommendations for who should buy this product.

EufyCam 2 Pro 2K Wireless Security Camera Review

This video explains why the EufyCam 2 Pro is one of the best security cameras they have tested. It unboxed and reviewed the device as well as the battery life the company boasts about.

Made by GH Tech Review, this video even explores raw footage, and audio they experienced during testing. This YouTube video is just the perfect clip to watch before purchasing the EufyCam 2 Pro.

Eufy Cam 2C Pro VS Eufy Cam 2C – Video & Audio Quality Comparison

Another video from LifeHackers shows the comparison between the two types of Eufy model 2C cameras. This video also shows you what to expect when you purchase the EufyCam 2C and EufyCam 2C pro.

Both devices were being compared in audio and video quality as well as the night vision mode. This video is recommended not only because it shows what both models bring to the table, but it helps you pick which smart camera to choose according to your wants.

Eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro 2 – 360 Degrees 2k Security

You may want to buy the Eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro, and you might not know what to expect, this video clearly shows you what to do. From the installation to testing for video and sound quality, the video takes a closer look at the Eufy Floodlight Cam 2. 

Made by TechTablets, this YouTube video is one you need to look into if you want both a security cam and a backyard/front yard floodlight. 

Eufy SoloCam Series Comparison – S40 vs L20 vs E40 – Which One Is Better 

Can’t decide between the Eufy Solo Cam series? Well, let this youtube video do it for you. This amazing video from LifeHackster shows you what it feels like using the S40, L20, and the E40, comparing their features and ability to give you the best.

This clip already started with raw footage comparison of both video and audio recording so even from the start, you can decide the best video quality.

The Best Battery Doorbell – Eufy 2K Wireless Video Review

We can’t talk about the best Eufy Camera videos on YouTube, and forget the one about the Eufy Video Doorbell 2k. 

Made by Everything Smart Home, this video focuses on why this smart device from Eufy is the best smart video doorbell.


If you are planning to purchase most of Eufy Security smart cameras, this is the perfect place to get video reviews, samples as well as comparisons with other models. These videos were collected from YouTube, and they give you a heads-up of what it feels like using that particular device that is being reviewed.

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