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8 Reasons Why Nest Hello Is Worth It

Last Updated Dec 11, 2021
nest hello
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There are million smart doorbells on the market, but when you search for a video doorbell, the NEST Hello doorbell is one that you would never miss.

The Google Nest Hello doorbell provides all the quality you need in a smart device. It offers good features like quality camera, fast and customized alerts and many more features compared to its competitors. It is safe to say that the device is worth having in your home and in this article we will be sharing 8 reasons the Nest Hello is worth the price.

8 Reasons to Get Nest Hello

The Google Nest Hello isn’t just your ordinary bell with a camera, it is a smart doorbell. The doorbell can have so many unique features like identifying strange or familiar faces, and recognizing your packages. The Nest app installed in your phone can identify who is on your porch, when an animal passes, or even know who is trying to steal some of your stuff. Let’s look at more reasons why you need the Nest Hello.

Doorbell Ring Notifications

The purpose of a video doorbell is to tell house owners who’s on their porch once someone rings it, and that’s exactly what the Nest Hello doorbell does and even more. Once someone rings the doorbell, it will alert you on your Nest app. The app will also send the owner an email and notifications, including a snapshot of the past event for up to three hours.

When you subscribe to the Nest Aware subscription, the snapshot alerts would become a video clip alert which can be saved in the cloud and viewed till 30 or 60 days, depending on the plan you paid subscription to. 

Smart Alerts and Package Detector

With many video doorbells on them, especially the cheaper ones, you would get a generic alert. A notification like the doorbell senses a motion or “motion detected” would appear on your phone and that’s it. It might not detect what is causing the motion detector to trigger, which might be frustrating. The motion might be from a person, a car, or even a squirrel that ran by. 

With the Google Nest Hello, it sends useful alerts. It informs you everything you need to know regarding your front or back door. If it detects a person it would say “Your camera spotted someone” and if the face is familiar, it would say the person’s name, for instance “Matthew peter is at the door”. 

The Nest Hello can also tell you when someone has dropped off a package and if someone has picked up the package. You could customize the setting to which motion you want your alert to notify you with. 

Continuous Video Recording (CVR)

Many video doorbells have an EBR- event-based recording, which means whenever the camera detects any motions, it will record a short footage. The Nest Hello can also offer the EBR and CVR, which is the continuous video recording. 

That’s when your camera records for 24/7, everything, and stores all footage in the cloud. You opt to have a monthly Nest Aware Plus subscription plan for the CVB and for the EBR, you’ll need a paid subscription on the basic Nest Aware plan. 

TwoWay Audio

While the camera is live-streaming, owners can see and hear what’s happening at their door, thanks to the built-in speaker and microphone of the Nest Hello doorbell. However, people outside can’t hear the house owner unless they press the mic button, which allows the person outside to hear and communicate in a two-way manner. 

This feature can help boost home security. Burglars who ring doorbells or knock doors before robbing can be stopped. Once you speak through the speaker, it can frighten them and make them flee.

If you’d like to learn more about Nest Hello, check out this article.

Infrared Night Vision

If you don’t keep the stoop light on all night, that’s okay because once it’s turned off, the infrared LED lights that are built into the Nest Hello doorbell would turn on, allowing you to see everything at night clearly. The infrared LED light is 850nm. Although it is invisible to the human eye, it allows you to see, way past your home street with an amazing quality. 

So if someone were to come to your door porch when it’s pitch black, the Nest doorbell would still record footage and save the event, so you could look at it during the day. But of course it’s better to subscribe to Nest Aware, so you would have access to saved video clips.

Quiet Time

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably hoped that no one would ring the bell so it won’t wake your napping toddler or you have a serious headache and you need peace. The Nest Hello makes it so much easier to prevent any alerts or noise from happening. You can go to your settings and set “quiet time” on the doorbell or even on your phone. It will silence the chime for 30 minutes or, if preferred, a few hours. 

PreRecorded Responses

The Nest Hello doorbell gives the users the feature to send quick responses to visitors. This can be very useful for people who aren’t usually home early. The Nest app has a pre-recording option in which you could make some recording of what you would normally say to anyone on your porch. 

When you get a notification or an alert of someone ringing the bell, you can press the recording and it will deliver the pre-recorded message. You could say “Please drop the package in front of the door,” for deliveries or “The spare key is under the plant pot” for family and friends. 

Google Nest Integration

It’s no surprise the Google Nest Hello can work with Google products, like Google assistant and Alexa. It integrates with other Nest products like the Nest cam, Wi-Fi and the Nest smart speaker.

When someone has rang the bell, your Google device would alert it throughout the house. You don’t need to check your phone every minute to see alerts. You could disable this option. 


The Google Nest Hello is a first choice when deciding on getting a smart doorbell, with the Nest Aware basic and plus plan, you could get all these amazing features. Even without a paid subscription, you could enjoy the doorbell. Nest Hello allows you to control Nest cameras with Google assistance and to view the smart doorbell live stream on your TV. Now that’s what we call a smart home.

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