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8 Best Features of the Amazon Halo Band

Last Updated Aug 2, 2022
Person jogging

The Amazon Halo Band, at first glance, might seem like just any fitness band. However, it’s much more than this. Not only did Amazon aim to create a fitness wearable that can record your heart rate and measure your calories and body fat, among other things; they also aimed to give you better visibility over your entire health with tips on how to improve it at each step of the way.

So if you’re in the market for a new fitness device, the Amazon Halo Band might just be what you need. In this article, we’ll provide you with 8 of the best features of the Amazon Halo Band, giving you just enough reasons why it should be your next buy.

Simple Design and Structure

The simplicity of the Amazon Halo Band makes it possible for it to match with almost everything. This way you can wear it almost everywhere, and you don’t have to worry about it looking out of place. The Halo Band features a barely-there wrist band as its woven fabric is light enough for you to not even feel it. It has a bright touch screen that is easy to see and read while underneath the sun. It consists of a single oval button to wake the screen and turn it back off once you’re done using it.

Easy to Use App

The Amazon Halo app is basic and extremely user-friendly, making it exceptionally easy to navigate. The Halo app is present on both iOS and Android devices, so just about everybody can access it. One of the Halo Band’s best features is its Alexa compatibility. So if you run into any issue, you can simply ask Alexa for assistance.

Basic Activity Tracker

Despite the fact that the Amazon Halo Band comes with a gyroscope and accelerometer for tracking your movements, it doesn’t stray from the basics of a standard fitness tracker. It counts your steps, records calories, and tracks select workouts like walking, running, etc. And it does all of this in real-time so you can watch your progress.

Top-Notch Sleep Tracking Abilities

While you sleep at night, the Halo band tracks your movement (wake and sleep times), heart rate, and body temperature. It complies all of this into a sleep score and provides you with an in-depth and accurate insight of what may be affecting your sleep. The best part about this is you can get all this information within a single glance.

Compelling Tone Voice Analysis

The tone voice analysis of the Amazon Halo Band is arguably one of its best features. When you enable it, your Halo tracker uses its tone to periodically record your voice throughout the day. The main concept behind this particular feature is to give you an idea of what you sound like to other people throughout various time lapses within a day. For privacy reasons, the tone doesn’t actually record the words you say, just the tone of your voice. It also does not save any of its recordings.

Body Fat Recording Ability

With the Halo Band, what you see is always what you get, and this extends into all of its features. Unlike most fitness bands, the Halo band gives you an accurate representation of your body fat.

The Amazon Halo Band records your fat by using your height, weight, and pictures of your body. However, it s important to note that although this fitness band accurately represents your body fat, it does not tell you where your fat is concentrated. It also doesn’t tell you if the bulk of your weight consists of fat or muscle.

High Battery Expectancy

The Halo battery life has a really high expectancy rate. Under normal usage, the battery can last you up to a single week without you having to recharge it. Nonetheless, if you decide to use certain features like the tone analysis, it probably wouldn’t last you that long as this feature is quite battery draining.

Additional Fitness Programs

The Halo band doesn’t only help you to track your health metrics; it also helps you to live a healthier life with its additional health and fitness programs. This device comes with workouts and programs that are specifically designed to health you live healthier. For most users of the Amazon Halo band, this feature alone covers the $3.99 monthly membership fee after the initial free 6 months of usage.


The Amazon Halo Band is an affordable fitness band that consists of all the basics of a fitness tracker and even more. It is an effective tool for fitness tracking, and it boasts several unique features that make it worth your while. This device goes beyond fitness tracking and aims to provide you with a complete picture of your overall health.