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7 Ways To Pick a Peloton Name

Last Updated Feb 14, 2022
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A good Peloton name is important. It can help you further express yourself during your exercise routine and be something that motivates you to keep on going.

In this article, we will learn how to develop a good Peloton name. We’ve got a few suggestions for you I put together and tips on choosing a good name for your Peloton.

What Is A Peloton Name?

In Peloton’s spin classes, you’re given a leaderboard name. This is the name other users, and the Peloton instructors see on the leaderboard, along with your age and location. It is a 15-character name.

It can be tough to make up a 15-character good Peloton name! That’s why I’ve compiled this guide to help you come up with an original, fun, and creative leaderboard name. In this way, no two people in the class have the same screen name. 

And while some people like to pick names that reflect their goals (like tonitaylor15), I like to use my screen name as a “brand” and try to come up with fun or creative names. If you’re having trouble coming up with a great name, check out this best Peloton leaderboard names article for inspiration!

Why A Good Peloton Name Matters

The Peloton community feels like a big family (er, and it is). Such a close-knit community has a collective identity that ultimately determines its culture. So, for new riders and even veterans, your leaderboard name does make a difference.

At the very least, it’s one more way to be more competitive with other riders. And I’m not talking about intentionally starting conversations to torment your friends either—Peloton racers are extremely competitive with each other in a fun way! 

Having a killer leaderboard name is almost like having your own Peloton brand. This might feel awkward at first if you don’t start thinking about it until after you choose your name. But here’s the thing: no rule says you can’t always change it! And here’s how you can pick a good name.

See Picking A Peloton Name as a Fun Process

Picking your Peloton name should be a fun process. It would be best if you embraced the fact that you’re going to be calling out to the instructors, the strangers in class, and of course, your friends to motivate you throughout the class. 

Your name is going to last with you for the next two years. So why not make it fun?

Click here if you’re curious about some equipment you can get to further make your Peloton experience great.  

Focus On Your Goals And Ambition

It’s time to get focused. Time to focus on who you are as a person, your goals, and what matters most to you. Not to mention what matters most to the people in your life. After all, you want your name on the leaderboard to represent who you really are.

That’s why it’s important to choose wisely when creating a Peloton name. And it becomes easier to pick a name when you focus on your goals and your ambition. 

Ultimately, picking a Peloton name is all about YOU! It should be something that feels natural and unique to you. If a friend wants to call you by your leaderboard name, they should know exactly who they are talking about when they do.

Pick A Name That Shows Pride In What You Do

If you love what you do, why not call yourself by its name? If you love what you do and who you work with, that enthusiasm will shine through on your Peloton name. 

For example, Lighting designer Liz K. in Baltimore chooses to display her love for what she does with an online handle that’s an homage to one of her favorite things to work with, lighting.

Additionally, wine industry worker Ron W., from San Francisco, recently came in third place in his company’s Peloton ride. It was a fitness competition with a group of fellow wine workers he calls his “wine entourage”—or “entorunity”—and displays his pride for the sport in his handle.

Think About An Inspirational Moment

Do you have a story about a time in which you displayed a kind of courage you didn’t know you had? Are there any situations that you have come through recently in which you didn’t know you had the strength to do something but did it anyway? You can use that moment to inspire your name further. 

For example, Some days, it takes a real nerve to get out of bed. For Julia M., who lives in Bear Valley, California, that kind of courage came in the form of a run-in with an actual bear—and her quick thinking saved her life. The California resident Julia M. is now RunFromTheBear because of an encounter with a bear.

Pick Something You’re Passionate About

People use exercise as an opportunity to indulge in other pursuits. For example, in Austin, TX, John B. runs Spins for BBQ as a creative way to justify his love of eating out. In Rhode Island, Jenn H. runs Tapbacks for Tacos.

That said, remember not to choose a name that’s too generic or too heavy with numbers – it won’t help you stand out.

Pay Tribute To Someone You Admire

Pay tribute to the people you love or an important person in your life, especially those who motivate and inspire you. 

Maybe you could even consider this mantra your verbal prayer in times of stress, as Michelle D. does with her late father’s saying, “GodsGotThis.” But make sure there aren’t too many people with the same name in your category, as this can confuse the leader’s tab.

Consider Picking A Warrior Name

How do you handle adversity? WhimBeatCancer and UnDawnted are warrior names. If you have to fight harder than others, show the world what a warrior you are. 

For example, John W. is WhimBeatCancer, which says it all. He uses this name to show what he’s gone through. Dawn E., who’s survived breast cancer and takes care of her husband with Parkinson’s, is UnDawnted. WhimBeatCancer in Albany, New York, fights harder than most.


Lots of people wonder what they should choose as their Peloton name. That’s why I thought it was important to write a post about it. After all, your leaderboard name is one of the biggest deciding factors in cycling success. 

We named this post 7 Ways To Pick a Peloton Name because there isn’t one right answer. There are way more than seven ways to choose your name if you think about it, but we bet that seven is enough to start. I hope this list was helpful.

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