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7 Cool Ways to Install Govee Light Strips

Last Updated Dec 11, 2022
Light strips in hallway

If you have an area in your home that lacks the necessary light or ambiance, Govee light strips are a simple and popular solution. But, some people want a more creative and fun way to brighten up and make their favorite places more aesthetically pleasing.

Below, we’ll discuss seven cool ways you can easily install Govee light strips to enhance all the spaces in and around your home. Keep reading to learn more!

7 Cool Ways to Install Govee Light Strips

Govee light strips are a great way to add extra light and ambiance to your home.

Seven creative ways to install these lights include:

  • Add light strips to a vanity mirror
  • Create backlighting
  • Install them under the furniture
  • Illuminate walkways
  • Shine light in dark corners
  • Add some light to your backyard
  • Light up your gaming zone

Let’s discuss how you can install Govee light strips using each method.

Add Light Strips to a Vanity Mirror

If the sun’s not shining in your makeup room just the right way, you could make some big makeup mistakes in the morning!

Adding Govee light strips to a vanity mirror can completely change the lighting in your bathroom or dressing area, preventing any more scary clown-makeup mistakes.

For a more professional and polished look on your mirror, Govee lights can be covered with LED light strip covers.

Create Backlighting

Artists and musicians have found that Govee light strips can completely change their gallery or studio space by adding backlighting to certain items.

To enhance your creative spaces, consider backlighting the following items:

  • Framed photography
  • Framed artwork
  • Televisions
  • Acoustic panels
  • Behind pianos and other larger musical equipment

Govee light strips can be adjusted with different modes and color settings to suit every creative mood.

Install Them Under Furniture

If you want to be the talk of the neighborhood, create a custom theater experience by installing Govee light strips under your living room furniture.

When you’re watching your favorite television show or movie, it’s nice to have a nice dark room to make the screen pop.

But, you still need to be able to walk through the room to grab some popcorn or run to the bathroom during commercial breaks!

Underlighting furniture gives you a better viewing experience and allows you to safely navigate the room without turning the lights on if you need to get up.

Plus, underlighting can prevent glare on the television screen.

Illuminate Walkways

Hate having to turn lights on when you get up in the middle of the night? Govee light strips are perfect for illuminating interior walkways for nocturnal navigation.

You can use Govee light strips in the following ways:

  • Under the edges of lower cabinets
  • Around or behind the toilet
  • Along hallway baseboards
  • On stair treads
  • Under beds or nightstands

Govee light strips can also come in handy in the kitchen.

Place them on the underside of your upper cabinets, and your counters will always be well-lit.

Shine Light in Dark Corners

If you have skeletons in your closet, or just a lot of clutter, installing Govee light strips is a great way to shine some light to see what is lurking in dark corners.

Adding Govee light strips to your closet not only helps you see better but adds a little bit of fun to an otherwise uninteresting space.

Some rooms have areas that never have enough light.

For this reason, it is becoming more common for people to use Govee light strips to highlight dark corners of a room.

Run the light strip from the ceiling down to the floor in the corner. Cover it with LED light strip covers to create a nice glow.

Add Some Light to Your Backyard

When you’re hanging out outdoors, lighting can make all the difference.

Govee light strips can also be used outdoors to increase visibility and aesthetics in any area.

You might want to use Govee light strips to:

  • Highlight exterior walking paths
  • Underlight patio furniture
  • Highlight awnings, gazebos, and other patio structures
  • Wrap tree trunks

Your friends, family, and neighbors will envy your outdoor spaces and want to know how they can install their own Govee lights!

Light Up Your Gaming Zone

Maybe you have kids who love to play video games, or perhaps you are a gamer yourself.

If either applies, Govee light strips are a really cool way to make a gaming space stand out.

Use multiple strips to backlight and under light everything in the space. Before you know it, you will feel like you are sitting in a spaceship!

Try setting each strip to a different setting for a really wild light show that brings you an out-of-this-world experience.

In Conclusion

There are a ton of creative ways to install Govee light strips.

With the information here, you can create a fun, interesting environment in any room inside or outside your home.  

Before you know it, you will find even more fun ways to enhance the look and feel of your personal and professional spaces!